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Plano Matchmakers Reveal 5 Relationship Deal Breakers

Matchmaking service in Dallas, Dallas Singles Dating Service, reveals major deal breakers that will sabotage any relationship.

When you first start dating your partner, there are a few things you can recognize as red flags and look out for to help determine if they’re the right fit for you.  And while no one in the world is perfect, there are, however, a few characteristics and behaviors that can absolutely kill any relationship.

Below, you will find a list of the top deal breakers in relationships so you can decide if you want to put up with the man you’re dating or kick him to the curb and find someone who fits your dating criteria and lifestyle.

Contrary to what many people believe, these deal breakers don’t include things like, “He forgot to put the toilet seat down,” or, “He always leaves his towel on the floor.”  Instead, a true deal breaker is something that is non-negotiable, something that matters to a relationship, things such as:

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1.  Not Being a Supportive Partner

If the man you are dating isn’t supportive of you, then Plano matchmakers suggest you really examine the relationship.  Did you decide to switch your career from being a secretary to now decorating houses because that’s your passion and you feel great doing it?  Then, good for you!

However, if your boyfriend got a good laugh out of it, passed funny comments, or put it down and ignored you, then he isn’t boyfriend material.  Does he always criticize all the projects you decide to embark on?  Did you ask him to help you get prepared for something, but he just brushed you off and told you he will help you another time?  If so, this man is a dud.

Part of being with someone is being able to support each other when it’s needed, explains Plano matchmakers.  If your man isn’t able to support your passions, your goals, your actions, or anything you want to do in your life, then it’s time to kick him curbside, out of your life where he belongs.

2. Not Being Committed

This can fall into two categories of relationships.  Either this man you’re seeing is someone you see often, but he’s not really your boyfriend or he’s your boyfriend but he’s not taking any steps into furthering the relationship together.  In the first scenario, he’s not really your boyfriend yet.  Yes, that’s true, he’s not your boyfriend at all.  If a man is getting all the girlfriend privileges from you, but he is not your boyfriend, then he is more likely going to keep that arrangement going forever.  If you brought up the issue and the man you’re seeing isn’t man enough to want to put a label to the relationship, then he doesn’t deserve to be your partner.  Or even worse, he might question your needs and desires and belittle your need for commitment.

If he does this and tries to make you believe that you are a little too needy, then you need to kick this man to the curb.

For the second scenario, if a man who is your boyfriend has been with you for many years and seems completely comfortable where the two of you stand, that can be fine and dandy.  But if he doesn’t show any sign or motivation of leading the relationship towards engagement and marriage, which is something you want, then it might be time to see where he stands on the subject and what he believes your future together holds.  If you haven’t had the conversation yet, then it might be time to do it.  If he tells you something along the lines of never wanting to get married or that marriage isn’t for him, it might be time to cut him loose, especially if you are a marriage-oriented person, explains Plano matchmakers.

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3. He’s Already with Someone Else

Okay, ladies, you might not want to admit it, but this happens to many of you.  Some of you might justify dating a man who isn’t happy in the relationship (the one with another woman) because you think he is almost divorced or is going to leave her any day now.  Even if this feels like the best relationship you have ever had in your life, and even though some people carry baggage with them, you need to leave this man right now.  If the man you’re currently dating has a girlfriend or wife at home, you shouldn’t have gotten involved with him to begin with.  You should always wait until the relationship is over and final.  You should never get involved with someone who isn’t fully available for you, explains Plano matchmakers.  If you do, you’re putting yourself and his partner/wife in an awkward predicament and you both deserve better than that.

4. Clinginess

Does your partner want to spend all his free time with you?  Does he hate it when you make plans and he is not included in them?  You and your partner might think they truly love you, but in reality, they are becoming too clingy without either of you even knowing it.  If you feel like you can’t enjoy doing anything by yourself and you always have to be in your partner’s company, that’s a sign they are too clingy, and Plano matchmakers know clinginess can quickly destroy any relationship.  In a happy and healthy relationship, both of you need your own time and space.

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5. Children

Do you want to have children but he doesn’t?  How about how he feels about raising a family?  How about both of your thoughts and opinions on parent styles?  All of these things are important questions that need to be answered before getting involved in something serious.  This is a very non-negotiable aspect of a relationship and it needs to be figured out before either of you put in time and efforts to something that isn’t going to last.

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