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Fort Worth Matchmakers – How to Get a Man Interested in You

Dating and matchmaking service in Fort Worth, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reveal secrets to reeling him in!

Are you crushing on a man who seems to think you’re invisible?  Do you long for someone but they don’t know it yet?  Today, Fort Worth matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles will review some simple ways to get a man who is not yet interested in you interested in you!

Many women have been in this position before: we long for someone that just isn’t noticing us.  It’s a horrible feeling when someone isn’t interested in you.  If you feel like you have nowhere to turn and you feel like he’s never going to let you into his life, don’t panic.  There are, of course, many things you can do when a man is not interested in you; the first is probably to move on since he’s not interested, but there are certain things you can do to tilt things in your favor.  Yes, you can get a man interested in you in no time.  Today, Fort Worth matchmakers will review those simple ways to help you land that attractive man who has your eye.


1. Be Casual about It

One thing that will scare most men away is when a woman comes on too strong.  Maybe you are too done up for him all the time or maybe you are too open, so much so that it has scared him away.  Nowadays, men notice everything, even the smallest of things.  If you want to be successful in catching his eye, then it’s a good idea to be casual about it.  Cool and casual is the approach you want to take with him.  Be cool and dress down a little; don’t overwhelm him all at once.

2. Talk to Him about Things He Likes

If there is one thing we know about men, it’s that they love themselves.  It’s true, they have huge egos.  One simple way you can get a man to notice you in no time is to talk about things he likes.  Give him a chance to talk about himself for a while and you’ll notice how, in no time, he’ll be interested in you.  For the first few conversations the two of you have, make it a point to be all ears, and then be sure to repeat some of the things he has told you previous times.  Engaging him in conversation that interests him will show him you’ve been paying attention and are interested in getting to know more about him and his hobbies and interests.

3. Show Him You’re Okay Being Friends

As you learn more and more about him, allow yourself to become his friend.  Wear laidback clothing around him, be casual and cool, and don’t put on too much makeup, at least not like you would to go out for a night on the town.  Of course you want to look like an attractive woman, so do whatever is necessary, but the idea is to be relaxed when you are in his company.  However, you must tread with caution here because you don’t want to fall into the guy zone.  Don’t do anything that makes him think of you as another guy friend, but don’t come on too strong around him either.


4. Flirt Subtly

Once you’re able to get into his world and you’re comfortable being friends with each other, it’s now time to do a little flirting.  Giggle when he tells you a joke, play with your hair, and casually touch his leg or arm when the two of you are talking.  Ladies, don’t do anything too flirtatious right now.  You want to save those secrets weapons for later; right now, you’re in the subtle stages of flirting.

5. Gradually Build Your Game Up

If you manage to subtly flirt with him and he doesn’t seem to mind, or even better, you’ve noticed he’s flirting back with you, then it’s now time to build your game up.  Now you can pull out those cute tops to show your beautiful curves, do your makeup a little more dramatic, show him that you’re more than just a friend, but don’t do it all at once.  Give him hints of how beautiful you can be and then go back to being casual.  He will notice that there are dynamic sides of you, which will make him more intrigued, explains Fort Worth matchmakers.

6. Show Him That Womanly Side of You

Now that you’ve been casual with him and he’s comfortable around you, it’s time to show him how much of a woman you can be.  Go wearing a nice dress or skirt to show him how beautiful and elegant you are.  It is important not to act as though you’ve dressed up especially for him or like you’re showing off.  Here is where the next step will tell you more.

date 1

7. Show Him That You’re Great with Someone Else

If you want a man to be interested in you, then you have to show him that other men want you.  In other words, make it known that he isn’t the only man who has his eyes on you, explains Fort Worth matchmakers.  If, by now, you have spent time getting to know him as a friend and are comfortable with each other, then when he notices other men checking you out, he’s going to lose his mind.  In fact, this will be the make or break it point.  Now, don’t get carried away here.  This doesn’t mean you need to date someone else, it just means let subtly him see other attractive men noticing you when you’re out.



8. Have a Busy Life

Since the two of you have become friends, you’ve probably spent a lot of time together, and that’s great news for you, but it’s important to give it a break from time to time and do the things you do in your own life, explains Fort Worth matchmakers.  Go out with him occasionally and act normal about it; make him wonder what you’re doing when you’re not with him.

9. Ask Him Out on a Date

Since you have started doing your own things, he’s probably going to ask you what you’ve been doing lately and wondering what you’re up to.  Now, here is where you tell him you’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to catch up with him but that you’d love to grab a cup of coffee together.  Give him a little notice to make sure you don’t come off as eager.  After your date, remain casual about it and let him do the chasing from here on out.

If you’re single and ready to meet quality men in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, contact Dallas Singles Dating Service today to set up an in person consultation with a personal matchmaker.  Let Dallas Singles find you the love you deserve!