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Lake Highlands Matchmakers Reveal How to Stop Driving Men Away

Dallas matchmaking service, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reviews how women sabotage their relationships by unknowingly pushing men away.

Sometimes women take a perfectly good relationship and drive it off the cliff.  It’s true, and it’s probably happened to you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know the major deal breakers for men to prevent this?  If you are guilty of any of the behaviors listed below, then you might be the one to blame for your relationships coming to an end.

Women who have recently come out of a relationship, check out the common baggage issues listed below that could be preventing you from having a long lasting and successful relationship.

You’ve Been Acting Jealous Lately

It usually starts out innocently.  Maybe you heard a woman call your man and you began to wonder.  You probably wanted to ask him who this woman is that was calling, but you didn’t want to sound nosey.  Instead, you created a couple scenarios in your head: Maybe it’s an ex-girlfriend or someone he works with.  Pretty soon, you got the urge to spy on him and start checking his phone and computer every chance you got.  By this point, he can’t even look at a waitress without you getting jealous and throwing a fit.  Next thing you know, he finds out you’ve been checking up on his texts and emails—game over for you and the relationship.

Are you chuckling to yourself as you nod your head in agreement to all these things, knowing you’ve done every one of them? We’ve all been there once or twice, and as humorous as it sounds, we all know it’s not healthy.  Once this jealous monster comes out, it’s very hard to tame.


How to Put an End to This

The best way to put an end to being jealous is to take a deep breath when you know that jealous monster is brewing within.  Next, start trusting your partner more.  Whenever you get that urge to freak out on him, stop and relax; otherwise, you’re going to drive him away.  Lake Highlands matchmakers encourage you to dig deep and figure out what’s making you feel jealous.  Are you insecure in yourself?  Are you unsure of how love for you?  Once you figure out your own insecurities you can start working on improving them.

You Have Invaded His Life Too Much

If you’ve been dating a man for less than a few months and you can answer all his questions with a yes, you’re busted for having invaded his life.  Are you really that into American football, despite never having watched a game in your life?  Do you find yourself using his favorite phrase?  Would you say your interests have completely changed in recent months, especially since the two of you started dating? Have you neglected your own friends and interests so you can spend every waking second with him?

How to Put an End to This

Stop, stop, stop!  First, you need to back off a little bit.  Second, you should always be yourself, exactly how you were before you started dating. Remember that he started dating you because he liked you for the person you were, inside and out.  He didn’t care that you didn’t know anything about the Cowboys or NFL; he liked how you had your own hobbies, interests and friends; he liked all your little things that made you, YOU!  He didn’t want to date a football fanatic that follow him around like a lost little puppy.  Yes, he likes to introduce you to new things, but you should still like the things you’re passionate about, explains Lake Highland matchmakers.  Learn how to always be yourself and he will love you for that.

You Are Always Rushing the Relationship

Do you already have your wedding dressed picked out before he even finished his burger on the first date?  Does it take all your willpower to hold back from asking him how many kids you will have?  Are you already signing your signature with his last name?  If you answered yes, then you are living too quickly instead of living in the moment.

How to Put an End to This

Women are always trying to rush the relationship instead of living in the moment, and this is a major turn off for men, explains Lake Highlands matchmakers.  If you spend all your free time planning your future wedding, you’re going to miss out on all the things happening right in front of your eyes.  Try keeping your excitement limited to the things that are happening right now; otherwise, you’ll look back years from now wishing you could relive those moments or you’ll scare him away in the meantime.

Being Too Clingy

If you are the type of woman who cannot do anything without having her man by her side, then you are pushing him away.  If you follow him to the bathroom or get nervous when he isn’t around you, then you have a problem.  No man wants to be involved with a clingy or needy girlfriend. Back off a little bit.

How to Put an End to This

It is natural to want to spend as much time with your man as you can, especially during the early stages of the relationship, and of course it’s normal to want to experience new things with them; however, you don’t want to be so attached to him that he can’t even brush his teeth without you being next to him.  Take a closer look at your behavior and if you notice you’re acting too clingy, take a step back.  Let him have some alone time too.  You will be surprised how much more you both appreciate the time you have together once you start spending more time apart.


You Are Very Insecure

For men, if there is one thing they hate about a woman, it’s insecurity.  If every time he gives you a compliment you shoot it down, then you should know you’re pushing him away, explains Lake Highlands matchmakers.  If you respond to a compliment with, “stop it, I’m not pretty,” or, “I look so fat tonight,” the message you’re sending him is that you’re insecure, and no one wants to be with an insecure woman.  If you keep saying bad things about yourself, he is soon going to start believing them.

How to Put an End to This

You can easily put all your insecurities behind you in four easy steps.

  1. Write down all your best qualities.  Take a good look at them before you move onto step number two.
  2. Write down your best features.
  3. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are.
  4. Behave like a confident woman now.

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