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Arlington, TX Matchmakers – The Ultimate Breakup Cure

Dating and matchmaking service in Fort Worth, Dallas Singles, releases expert advice for putting a breakup behind you.

Breakups are tough.  They’re very uncomfortable, painful, and they affect us dramatically, even if we were the ones who chose to break up.  Ending a relationship is never an easy experience, and without a doubt, it can be one of the most painful experiences we feel.  How do you handle the immediately feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and loneliness?  How do you stop from spiraling into depression?  How do you ensure you come out on top after a tough breakup?

Today, Arlington matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service review their ultimate tips for handling a breakup.  They know breakups can affect people for a long time, especially when not dealt with in the proper manner.  If you want to prevent the breakup taking over your life, get familiar with these helpful tips.


1. Cut All Contact

You will need time to heal from this experience and so does your ex, but keeping a chain of communication will never allow for the wounds to completely heal.  Take them off your Facebook friend list, don’t hang out in group settings, don’t show up to places they frequent, don’t randomly call them to see how they’re doing, and  absolutely no drunk dialing.

Here is where some people take the wrong approach—trying to remain friends.  You should not make a pact to remain friends, because you won’t actually be a true friend, you’ll do it just so you can keep tabs on them.  You can initiate contact with them once you are completely healed and moved on.  Don’t bother begging them to take you back, it is pathetic and very unattractive.

2. Accept That the Relationship Is Over

Even if you think there is a chance the two of you could get back together, let go of that thought.  If you’re always hoping for a second chance, you’ll never completely heal, explains Arlington matchmakers.  If you are constantly waiting for something to happen, you’ll be disappointed when it doesn’t, making you feel worse than you already did.  Stop looking at old pictures, stop reading their letters, stop going through text messages, don’t stalk them on social media, and don’t hack their accounts if you know their passwords.

3. Allow Plenty of Time to Grieve

It’s normal to be down for some time after a breakup, especially if it was a long and serious relationship.  Use this time to chill out, gather your thoughts, stay in and enjoy Netflix on a Friday night.  It’s okay to ignore the world for some time, but the key is not to shut yourself off from the world for too long.

4. Be With Good People

Arlington matchmakers encourage you to spend time with quality friends and family members.  Try to have a good time together, share your feelings with them.  If they truly care about you, they will lend you an ear to listen and give you the support you need.  Getting those emotions out is an important phase of your healing process.

5. Work Out

Start working out if you’re not already.  Working out releases endorphins that will improve your mood and combat depression.  Plus, working out will improve your health, which is especially important not to neglect after a breakup.

6. Get Productive & Do Nice Things

Invest in yourself, tackle that project you’ve been neglecting for some time, take up a new hobby, or do some home repairs.  Take the much needed vacation you’ve been wanting to take, visit old friends, set goals and accomplish them one at a time.  By doing these things, you will regain trust in yourself, explains Arlington matchmakers.  You will feel proud for challenging yourself, you will keep your mind occupied from thinking about your past relationship, and you will learn to enjoy being single.


7. Don’t Go Back to Them Out of Loneliness

This one cannot be stressed enough.  Don’t go back to them out of mere loneliness or guilt (this applies if you were the one to call things off).  Going back with an ex out of fear of being alone is unhealthy and unfair to everyone, explains Arlington matchmakers.  Also, don’t allow your ex to guilt you into going back to them; after all, you’re not a bad person for leaving them if the relationship was not making you happy.

8. Remove Them from the Pedestal

When someone rejects us, we tend to overlook negative things about them; in fact, we idolize them, and in a way, we put them on a pedestal.  But the truth is, they are not perfect.  Your ex is human and they have flaws too.  Until you accept it, you will never be able to move on.

9. Stop Making Comparisons

Understand that no one in the world will ever be like your ex, and that’s okay.  Different doesn’t mean worse, it’s just different.  Searching for an identical twin of your ex will leave you frustrated and it will prevent you from discovering other qualities you never even knew you liked.  Don’t try to fit all your dates into a predefined box; instead, try to appreciate them for their uniqueness.


10. Know You’re Not Worthless

You are not less of a human because your ex decided to leave you.  Your value is not based on whether or not you’re in a relationship right now; your value is based on how you see yourself.  Some partners are only temporary, but they pave the way for the one that will last.

11. Let Go of Any Anger or Resentment

As hurtful as it might be to you, your ex is not a jerk or a crazy woman for seeing someone else.  And if they truly were a jerk or crazy, aren’t you better off without them?  Either way, they are not obligated to be in a relationship with you.  Don’t try to make them feel bad for calling things off and don’t resort trash talking about them.  Holding onto rage will only prevent you from healing, explains Arlington matchmakers.

12. Stop Overanalyzing What Went Wrong

Your relationship is done and over with.  You cannot fix what has passed, and beating yourself up is not going to do anything positive.  Instead, learn to accept the mistakes you made and promise not to make them in the future.

13. Give It Time

This the simplest, yet most important advice there is.  When you lose someone you loved, you’re not going to feel great overnight.  Be patient and follow this helpful guide from Arlington matchmakers to get through this tough time.  If you are able to do that, things will get better soon.

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Dating Singles Dallas │ Matchmaking Services for Busy Professionals

Dallas matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service review the type of men you should avoid dating.

As you may already know, people are not always what they seem.  After dating a certain man for some time, say a few weeks, you might realize he isn’t exactly what you thought he would be—and in the dating world, there are some men you need to stay away from at all costs.

Today, Dallas matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles will review what type of men you need to stay away from to avoid disappointments and heartbreak.

The Confirmed Player

No woman should ever be involved with a player, but for some reason or another, many females seem to be attracted to them.  Newsflash, a player has no dating future and is not relationship-worthy.  As his name already announces, he is only playing you and wasting your time.  Understand one thing, the minute he finds another woman he’s going to leave you high and dry.  Players never want the full plate, they only want side dishes—and you are worthy of more than that.


The One without a Job

A man without a job is only dating you because he’s using you.  A man who has no job obviously lacks ambition, skills, and motivation.  Unless he has the best excuse in the world, example, he got laid off and is looking for a better job, that’s one thing, but if he hasn’t had a job in a year and has no desire to find one, then you have a problem.  All he wants from you is to reel you in so you can take care of all his bills.

The Insecure One

Everyone has their own insecurities and often times, people work hard in order to eliminate them; however, dating a man who has a lot of insecurities can be very time consuming and difficult for you, explains Dallas matchmakers.  You will have to deal with his jealousy, his insecurities, and trust issues.  A relationship with an insecure man is going to be more painful than fun.

The Basement Type

Tough situations will require some people to move back in with their parents and of course there are acceptable situations as long as it’s something temporary.  However, if you come across a man who has lived in his parents’ basement his whole life and is not looking to leave, then you have a major problem.  There is nothing attractive about a grown man living in his parents’ basement with no motivation to move out on his own. 

The One Who Thinks He’s a King

This clown is a king without a crown.  You will know when you’re dating this man because he wants to be treated like a king.  He wants you to cook for him, clean, do his laundry, and everything in between—all while he sits and watches TV.  A man with such high expectations and daily demands isn’t likely to treat you well, explains Dallas matchmakers.  You deserve someone to treat you like a queen, not the other way around.

The One with a Lot of Children

When a man is thirty and has six different children to four different women, you have some major red flags going off.  Men with a lot of kids to different women aren’t worth dating.  One thing is for certain, and you are bound to get involved in baby mama drama—and everyone knows how annoying that can be.  Avoid dating a man with multiple baby mamas—you will thank yourself later.

The One with a Lot of Baggage

Though it’s usually the women who are portrayed as the ones who carry baggage, some men carry it too.  Be aware of men who are carrying a lot of baggage, especially relationship-related.  If he is constantly talking about his ex and past relationships, don’t waste your time dating him—baggage is only going to cause problems in your relationship.


The Extreme Narcissist

Dating a narcissist is never suggested.  There is nothing more of a turn off than dating a man who is self-absorbed and not concerned about anyone but himself.  Though narcissists are likely to look great and be on top of their dressing game, they only care about themselves and you’ll never be a priority.

The Lazy Type

He has jobs that come in from time to time, but nothing steady—he spends most of the day watching TV—he doesn’t do cooking or cleaning because everything is microwavable, and whatever he does is half-assed.  He would rather spend a week in his sweatpants rather than get ready.  Laziness is his first name, middle name, and last name.  Does this man sound appealing? Probably not, ew.

The One Night Stand

One night stands can be appealing for many people, but dating a man who is only interested in taking you to the bedroom is a waste of your time.  What good is being with a man who is only interested in having fun between the sheets, then running away?  Take this advice, if he is having one night stands with you, he is more likely having them with other women as well.

The Cheapskate

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man who is always looking to save a buck; however, there is a line that needs to be drawn.  If this man only takes you out to eat wings or will only take you out when he has a coupon and you’re only allowed to order off the Happy Hour menu, then you have a problem.  Being frugal is one thing, but being a cheapskate is another, explains Dallas matchmakers.

The One that Doesn’t Budge

This man is completely set in his ways—this guy will refuse to try anything new and has no plans in making changes to his already good routine.  Dating a man who is set in his own ways and refuses to do anything outside the box is bound to create boredom, explains Dallas matchmakers—it will also make for a one-sided relationship, which is not healthy.

The Clueless Type

When you ask this man to make a decision he’s clueless about it—when you ask him any question, he replies, “I don’t know,” and when you ask him about the future, he goes blank.  Dating a man who has no answers or any idea about what he’s going to do can be a huge headache.  Save yourself the stress right now and stop dating this man.

If you’re tired of meeting losers and men who aren’t worthy of your time, contact Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to quality men who are serious about dating and settling down.



Dallas Matchmakers │Dallas Dating Service

Dallas matchmakers explain certain things a man should never mention to a woman. 

Are you and your man going through a difficult time?  Does your man say heartless things to you and sometimes even offensive?  No matter what he might say to you out of anger, there are a few things a man should never say to a woman. 

Every now and then, the man you’re dating is bound to say something stupid; after all, all men do.  Whether he’s telling you your cooking doesn’t match up to his mom’s or how much it drives him nuts you don’t know how to work his new TV, there are a few things you can roll your eyes at and move on; however, all women have their limit and there are things he can say that are off limits.

Today, Dallas matchmakers will review a few things your man should never say to you.  Don’t let him cross the line with any of the ones mentioned below. 

You Look Fat in that Outfit

It doesn’t matter if that outfit doesn’t look good on you or it looks like you have put on a few extra pounds, there is absolutely no reason your partner should ever tell you those hurtful words.  No woman in the world likes hearing that she doesn’t look good in an outfit, especially when it’s coming from your partner.  The right response uttered out of his mouth should be, “Babe, you look beautiful in anything you wear.”


My Ex Used to Do It Better Than You

These are words that will undoubtedly lead to an argument.  Usually, this refers to the cooking, but it doesn’t matter what it refers to, your man should never compare you to his ex.  When a man says something like this, it can be really upsetting for any woman—don’t let him get away with making you down with a phrase like this.  Let him know he needs to show respect for you.

I Liked You Better When You Were Thinner/Thicker

These are some of the hardest words for a woman to hear.  Unlike any other statement, talking about a woman’s weight will make them feel insecure and unsure if a man is still in love with them, explains Dallas matchmakers.  If your man is uttering these types of words, he is shallow and inconsiderate—and you deserve better. 

Why Are You Following That Career?  You’re a Woman

Any man who says this type of statement, especially in this modern age when women can work in any career they choose, should be put in his place.  Here is where you have to put him in his place and let him know you can do anything you want, just like he can, explains Dallas matchmakers.

You Remind Me of Your Mom

It doesn’t matter if your man has said it to you once or twice, you should make sure he never says it again.  It really doesn’t matter if you are just like your mom, your man should know better than to compare you to anyone, especially when in a bad light.  Before you fly off the handle, let him know you don’t want to be compared—not to his mom, his ex, the lady down the street, or even your own mother. 

You Have an Attractive Sister

Your sister could be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, and of course your man can check her out, but he should never tell you that your sister is hot or sexy, especially not saying she’s better looking than you—that’s one sure way to give you a major complex.

You Shouldn’t Eat That

Here we go again, men with no filter.  At least once during the course of your relationship you’re bound to hear this phrase, but before you hit him with your slab of BBQ ribs, take a deep breath and relax.  If you’re hungry, you have the right to eat whatever you want, anything you want.  Tell him he has no right to tell you what to eat or how you should eat it (of course, as long as it isn’t affecting your overall health and he’s genuinely expressing concerns for your health).


You Shouldn’t Be Buying That

What do men have against women purchasing shoes?  This is something no woman understands, but more importantly, if a woman earns her money, she should be able to spend it on anything she wants.  Now of course you can purchase the things you want, as long as you’re not in debt and he’s simply looking out for you and your best interest.  But if you proudly earned your money, you have the right to spend it on anything you want, just like he does with anything he wants.

You Remind Me of My Mother

Obviously, he will tell you this when the two of you are in the midst of an argument or when you’re nagging at him to do something (or for not doing something), but he should never compare you to anyone, once again.  There is nothing you can gain by insulting him back, so simply tell him again that you do not want to be compared to anyone, you are your own person, explains Dallas matchmakers.  

You Shouldn’t Get That

Here we go again, one more thing your man is guaranteed to say during the course of your relationship.  Bear with him ladies, he might honestly be trying to help you out; although, it’s not going to work.  Okay, so maybe you don’t need that third scarf you’re buying tonight, perhaps it’s better you don’t buy that 10th pair of underwear, but once again, if you want to do it and it’s money you worked hard to earn, you can do as you please—you know, just like he spends his money on his toys, tools, and cars—women need money to spend to look good. 

So, ladies, sometimes it’s best to keep our ears closed and shake our heads at some of the things a man says.  So tell us, what are some of the most ridiculous things your man has ever told you? 

If you’re currently single and looking for quality dates, contact Dallas matchmakers at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles to set up your first consultation today.  Don’t keep wasting your time looking to meet new people at bars and clubs when trusted matchmakers can save you time by only introducing you to compatible men who are serious about settling down.  Don’t wait another, call today!


Upscale Dallas Dating Service on Ending a Relationship

Elite Matchmaking team from Dallas Singles Dating Service reviews some helpful tips on how to end a relationship.

In your mind, the relationship has run its course; something irreparable has happened and you’re ready to call it quits.  However, before you can actually put an end to your relationship and be single again, you’ll first have to break up with your partner and we all know how hard that can be.  When it comes to breaking off a relationship, there are a few do’s and don’ts you’ll need to keep in mind; otherwise, you’ll end up making things worse.

Today, the Dallas dating and relationship expert from Dallas Singles Dating Service will review some helpful tips to make things go smoothly for your breakup.


Be Sure it’s the Right Decision

Before you decide to break up with your partner, you need to be 100% sure that’s the right decision; after all, once you made the decision to break up with your partner there is no turning back.  You can’t break up with them and then make up; it just doesn’t work that way.  Dallas dating and relationship experts encourage you to really think about your decision before you make it.  Are you just ticked off at the moment?  Is it something you can work together to get over or is it truly over?  Once you break up with your partner there is no room for regret, so make sure it’s what you truly want.

Don’t Get in a Rebound Relationship

Once you are single again you might be inclined to jump into a rebound relationship in order to fill the void, but Dallas dating and relationship experts warn you not to jump into a rebound relationship because they never last.  Rebounds are only temporary and they can cause more harm than good.  If you’re feeling lonely, resist the urge to date someone else; instead, give yourself plenty of time to heal from your breakup.

Figure Out the Details Later

Okay, so you had a cat together, you left clothes at their house, or maybe the two of you split the bills… While these details do matter, when a breakup is fresh, there is no need to worry about them right away.  Right after the breakup the two of you will be full of emotions so it’s best to wait a little bit to talk about issues like those.  Give it some time and wait until things have cooled down for you both.

Don’t Try to Be Their Friend

After breaking up with your partner, the last thing you want to do is try to remain their friend.  In fact, during the breakup process you want to avoid using the phrase, “Let’s be friends.”  Trying to remain friends will only make things worse right now—the last thing you want to do is try to be their friend right after the breakup.  Of course no one is saying you cannot be friends, but you can worry about that down the road, because as of now, you should not bother—it will make things harder on everyone.  

Do It Face to Face

Yes, you have your iPhone and your Facebook account, and as convenient as it might be to breakup with them via text message or social media, it is actually the worst thing you can do.  Breaking up with your partner in the virtual way will only make you seem like a coward, so the best thing you can do is arrange a one on one meet so you can get it over with the right way.  Your partner deserves a face to face breakup, don’t you think?

Don’t Mention Someone Else

Even if you started having feelings for someone else, the breakup conversation will not be the right time to discuss this.  During the breakup process there is no need to compare your current partner with your new love interest.  This will only make your current partner feel jealous and will have them thinking you were being unfaithful all along.

Let Them Know Why

No matter if you’ve been dating for a few weeks or five years, your partner deserves to know why you’re calling it quits, explains Dallas dating and relationship experts.  Be honest with them about your decision and do the breakup in a respectful way.  Give them your point and let it go. 

Don’t Prolong It

After you have given it some thought and you know the decision you’re about to make is the right choice, don’t prolong it.  There is no need to wait a while to let them know the news.  Once you’re sure what you’re about to do is right, go ahead and get it over with—it’s not fair to yourself or them to continue drawing things out and wasting time.  Of course you don’t want to break up with them the second they walk in the door from work or right as you’re both about to go to sleep, but drag it out and prolong things. 

Make Sure You Have Learned a Lesson

No matter how bad the relationship was, you should have learned many lessons.  Once you decide to put an end to you relationship, make sure you have learned some valuable things to take with you.  Whatever those lessons were, they sure can help you in the future and in your future relationships.  Remember that even the worst relationships can teach you something, reminds Dallas dating and relationship experts, so don’t let those things go to waste. 

Don’t Insult Them

It doesn’t matter how angry or upset you are with your partner, breakups are already hurtful, so don’t insult them or verbally abuse them.  This will only worsen the blow of the breakup, and could potentially ignite a fight. 


Be Respectful

Though your partner might not show it until you’re gone, everyone gets hurt when someone breaks up with them.  During the breakup process, the best thing you can do is be respectful of their emotions, explains Dallas dating and relationship experts.  Even if the two of you don’t respect each other, you should try to be the best person in this delicate situation.  There is no need to ridicule them or belittle them, even if that’s what you want to do.

Don’t Bring Others into the Equation

Just like your relationship, a breakup should only be between the two of you.  There is no point in bringing your friends or family members into the equation.  Do the breakup without bringing other people into the mix; otherwise, you’re going to worsen the situation.

Allow Yourself to Feel

When you’re the person calling it quits, you’re bound to get emotional as well.  No matter if you’re angry, sad, or confused, there is no need to keep those emotions bottled up.  Cry, scream or do whatever you have to do to let those emotions out. 

Whether you only dated for a few months or you’ve been together for many years, breakups are tough on everyone—and that goes for the person being dumped as well as the one calling it quits.  To ensure your breakup goes smoothly for both of you, be sure to use these insightful tips from trusted Dallas dating and relationship experts at Dallas Singles. 



Dallas Matchmaking Service Reveals Common Signs of an Overprotective Boyfriend

Dallas matchmaking service, Dallas Singles, reveals Dallas dating tips and helpful relationship advice for women.

Is your boyfriend’s love turning into him becoming overprotective of you?  Find out the most common traits of an overprotective boyfriend as the best Dallas matchmaking service, Dallas Singles, reveals them for you today.  Get ahead of it before it becomes too late.

An overprotective boyfriend could be head over heels for you, and the truth is he might actually care a lot for you, but is that an excuse for him to dominate you and control everything in your life?  There is a very thin line between being too overprotective and showing someone you care.  But in many cases, overprotective and dominating behaviors go hand in hand.  If your man is the overprotective type, there is also a big chance he is also the controlling type.  He might not know it himself, but he is.  And of course he might not always confront you face to face—instead he will do other things to make you feel guilty until you finally believe he’s right—all the time.

Want to know the difference between an overprotective boyfriend and one that truly loves you?  Find out today as Dallas matchmaking experts at Dallas Singles Dating Service reveal the answers for you.

date 3

The Dominating Partner

Not all partners try to be dominating to their partners.  It might start off as a few simple accusations, but at some point of time, as you constantly give into your partner, it might turn into a fight for who is in control.  Sometimes a dominating partner could use force in order to control you, but when a partner knows that you’re always resisting their control, they might back off for a while—only to come back and do a little arm twisting when you’re least expecting it.  After all, a dominating partner doesn’t always have to use force in order to dominate their partner.  All he needs to do is find something he knows that will make you doubt yourself. 

Sure Signs He is Dominant over You

Not all possessive partners will try to dominate you.  Instead they try to get to know things about you by doing a little snooping.  And when he finds the right thing, the right soft spot, he will act like the nicest man in the world to try to convince you while they’re right and the world is against you.

You might not notice the signs until you feel isolated.  And then one day it’s too late.  You might realize that whatever it was, it wasn’t that bad after all—it was your man turning everything against you—all because he wanted you for himself. 

Today, the professional team of Dallas matchmaking experts from Dallas Singles Dating Service will reveal the most common signs of a dominating and possessive partner so you can ask yourself if you notice these signs in your own partner and relationship.  Once you realize that you’ve been tricked by your partner, then you can start pushing him back and regaining control of your life.

He’s Extremely Snoopy

He’s always eavesdropping when you’re talking to friends, when you’re on the phone, when you’re text messaging, or when you’re checking out your emails.  Sometimes you might even catch him going through your phone himself.  He might even confront you of a specific number on the phone bill and why you’ve been calling this person so much.

date 2

Everyone Loves You

Each time you laugh at a man’s joke that is not his, you’re flirting.  Each time you talk to another man, you’re flirting.  He constantly tells you that every man you come in contact with has a crush on you and they’re only being nice to you because they find you hot.  And when he sees a man truly tries to hit on you, he will tell you, “I told you so” and blame it on you.

Your Own Things

Your partner hates it when you do things by yourself.  He believes he needs to supervise everything you do.  He’s always happy when you’re with him, but angry when you’re not.

date 1

He’s Always Ahead of You

When you first started dating, he already thought he was your boyfriend, and when he did become your boyfriend he acted like he was your husband.  He will always act like he’s ahead in the commitment department, especially when he knows you have male friends.

You Need to Be Available

You always need to be at his beckon call, even if you’re out with friends, at work, or spending your day relaxing at the spa.  If you are out enjoying a dinner with a friend and in the middle of a serious conversation, he expects you to pause and give him a call.  He hates it when you give him the silent treatment.

He’s Extremely Jealous

He is very jealous, regardless of how many times you show him your love for him.  He always tells you how bad you treat him or tells you that you don’t love him as much as he loves you. 

He Makes You Afraid

The more you agree with him or avoid people just to make him feel secure, the happier he gets.  And you might not know it, but the more uncomfortable you feel around other, the happier he is.

Speaking about Someone

Your partner hates it when you speak highly about someone.  As soon as you speak highly of someone, he hates that person—and as soon as you speak highly of someone he tries to pick flaws and convince you they’re not as great as you think they are.

A protective partner isn’t that bad, but when his protective side goes way into overdrive and he begins displaying one of the above traits, then it’s time to have a serious talk with him about it.  After all, no one likes to be with a possessive partner and the Dallas matchmaking experts from Dallas Singles know it’s not healthy either—they encourage you to take care of yourself and do what’s best for you.

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If you’re single and looking to meet compatible singles in Dallas, contact the Dallas matchmaking team at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service and let them help you on your journey of finding love!