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Find Out What Turns Men Off in the Dating World with Dallas Matchmakers

The best Dallas matchmakers at Dallas Singles reveal helpful dating tips for singles looking for love in Dallas!

Are you still single?  Is it something you’re doing that’s turning men away?  Find out what makes men cringe as the best Dallas matchmakers, the professional team of dating experts at Dallas Singles Dating Service, review the biggest turn offs for men.

First impressions play a major role in the dating world.  Of course you know if you wear the right outfit, bat your eyelids, and smile at him you’re bound to get his attention.  But while a sex outfit will get his attention, it still takes a few conversations and great dates in order to get him to fall for you.

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What Turns Men Off in the Dallas Dating World?

Have you ever experienced a time in which a man seemed to be into you, but he got turned off after the first date?  Or have you met a guy who was smitten by you, but all the sudden he was losing interest… almost like you did something wrong?  In all probability, it was you.  You were the culprit, you did something that turned him completely off. 

Men fall for women at first sight, but it takes a while for them to fall in love.  And if you did one of the behaviors that repel men on the first few dates, he will distance himself from you and start treating you just like he would a friend or he’ll disappear completely.

Men’s Biggest Dating Turn Offs…

If you’re out on a date with a man, chitchatting while drinking some coffee, Dallas matchmakers urge you to keep these dating turn offs in mind.  You might not realize it, but you could be sabotaging your Dallas dating life by committing one of the below mistakes.

Being a Narcissist

Being proud of who you are, your achievements and your looks is one thing, but there is a thin line between a woman who knows how good she is and a Paris Hilton.  Do you constantly talk about yourself, even when he’s trying to steer the conversation onto a different subject?  Are you constantly comparing yourself to anything he mentions he’s done?  You might think you’re making a connection by appearing like a know it all, but what you’re doing is coming off like an arrogant little brat in his eyes—and that is what quickly repels men away.

Being Too Controlling

Are you the type of woman who is constantly trying to control the man she’s with?  Do you try to control the way he eats?  The way he holds his drink?  Or even the way he speaks?  It’s one thing that you try to help him occasionally, but you can’t control everything.  If you do, he’s going to walk away from you quickly.

No man likes to be told what to do—you’re going to deflate his ego and you’re going to make him angry.

Giving Short Answers

Are you the type of woman who is a little shy and doesn’t get involved into the conversation much while out on a date?  A man might be head over heels by your looks, but this trait will turn him off.  If you answer each one of his questions with monosyllables or avoid asking him any questions yourself that is going to repel him.  Why?  Because he’s going to think you have no interest in him, explain Dallas matchmakers.  

Horrible Social Etiquette

This one is a big dating turn off.  Poor social etiquette or bad manners can make a man run faster than anything.  Do you take while to answer his calls?  Do you answer your cell phone throughout the date?  Do you leave him alone at the table for too long while you go to the restroom to primp? 

Poor social etiquette consists of a lot of things, like cutting a man off midsentence while he’s speaking, being obnoxious, being intoxicated, belittling the wait staff, and even excessive complaining.  These might seem like little things that no one pays attention to, but believe one thing, he most certainly is, explains Dallas matchmakers.

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The Wrong Attitude

Let’s get this clear.  If there is one thing men like in a woman, it’s for her to be kind.  If you are kind and sweet to other people, whether it be the wait staff, the taxi driver or the valet attendant, you’ve already melted his heart.  On the other hand, if you belittle everyone, walk around with your nose towards the sky, and behave like everyone is below you, you might as well not even go on the date with him—and if you do, don’t expect a call back.

Always Complaining about Something

When you are in the company of a man you’re interested in, avoid putting him down or complaining about certain things he does.  Men are very turned off by a woman who seems high maintenance and whines about everything. 

Always Putting Yourself Down

Are you the type of woman who is constantly putting herself down just so he can lift you up again?  Do you spend hours making sure you look perfect, then criticize your looks in front of him?  This is called an attention seeker.  It’s a woman who is constantly trying to get attention—and it’s also a huge turn off for men, explains the Dallas matchmakers from Dallas Singles.

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Always Being Distracted

A woman who is distracted on a date is a big turn off.  If a man has taken time to plan a date and is looking forward to seeing you, the least thing you can do is give him respect by showing him your undivided attention.  Don’t spend time checking your cell phone, Facebooking, or talking to other people.  If you say, “I’m sorry, what were you saying?” more than a handful a times, he’s definitely going to get irritated and turned off by you.

Avoid these biggest dating mistakes from the best Dallas matchmakers, the dating experts from Dallas Singles Dating Service, have revealed for you today.  Do that and you’ll be well on your way to making a great impression on him.

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in Dallas, contact the best Dallas matchmakers at Dallas Singles Dating Service today.  You’ll only meet professional, successful men who fit the criteria you’re looking for in a partner.

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Dallas Matchmakers Reveal Signs of a Jealous Boyfriend

Dallas matchmakers from Dallas Singles Dating Service make dating in Dallas easy with helpful dating and relationship advice!

Are you dating someone who seems perfect on the outside but insecure on the inside?  Read the following signs from the best Dallas matchmakers, the dating and relationships experts of Dallas Singles Dating Service, of a jealous boyfriend in order to find out if your partner falls under this category. 

Is it bad to be a jealous and possessive lover?  After all, everyone is possessive—at least in the first stages of the relationship when we are not sure about our partner’s feelings towards us.  When you display signs of possessiveness you could be seen as a woman who loves her boyfriend a lot but has fears of losing him.  But there is a thin line between showing possessiveness and displaying love.  Showing possessiveness is a sign of control and dominance and Dallas matchmakers know that’s not healthy in a relationship.

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Are You Dating Someone who is Possessive?

Someone being jealous can be cute in the early stages of the relationship.  You could laugh about it, talk about it with your friends, and it could actually make you feel like your partner loves you a lot.  Your boyfriend’s jealousy lets you know how much he loves you and it makes you feel like you are the only woman in his life.  But if his jealousy and possessiveness goes as far as to stop letting you live your life… Well, that sucks. 

How can you tell your partner is too controlling?  How can you spot the differences?  You might think your boyfriend is possessive only because he loves you so much, but the truth is, love has nothing to do with someone’s possessive nature.  More often than not, it’s because his insecurity is making him jealous and possessive—and that’s going to take a toll on you, warns Dallas matchmakers from Dallas Singles. 

Signs of a Jealous & Possessive

It’s never easy to tell the difference between a good boyfriend and a possessive one.  After all, a little possessive behavior is acceptable in a relationship.  Today, the best Dallas matchmakers, the Dallas dating and relationship experts from Dallas Singles Dating Service, will reveal the signs you’re dating a jealous and possessive partner.  If you notice a handful of these signs, it might be because he’s slightly possessive and is feeling insecure.  But if you notice a lot of these signs below it might be time to talk to him about it because things will get worse.

So read on and find out as Dallas matchmakers from Dallas Singles Dating Service review the signs your partner is jealous and possessive.

He Takes Part in Your Decisions

He constantly wants to be involved in your decision making and he cannot handle when you choose to do something he doesn’t approve of. 

He Says It’s about Love

Every time you tell him how possessive he is over you, he defends himself by telling you he is only possessive because he loves and cares about you.

He Does a Little Stalking

He stalks you and tries to find out things about you.  When you’re out with a friend or colleague he calls you to see what you’re doing.  He might even offer to pick you up because he doesn’t want you to be out without him.

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Trying New Things

He is very protective about you and doesn’t want you experiencing new things without him.  He might even go to the point of telling you you’re in danger when you’re not with him and he’ll sulk and throw a pity party when you try something new for the first time.  Dallas matchmakers from Dallas Singles want you to understand this is because he’s very insecure—which is not healthy for a relationship.

He Gets Mad over Simple Things

He gets really irritated over the smallest things, especially if it involves another man.  He doesn’t want you creating new memories or doing fun things with anyone else except him.

He is Inquisitive

He is extremely inquisitive about everything that happens in your life.  If you talk to him about something you consider to be trivial, he gets angry until you give him the full details about it—and this happens all the time. 

He Wants to Know Your Passwords

He wants to know your passwords to every account available—even if you are not ready to share with him.  He will coerce you or threaten you until he finally gets them.

You Need to Answer His Calls

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to the president, he expects you to drop that call and answer his.  And if you ignore him because you were busy, he will accuse you of flirting with someone else.

He is Very Controlling

He doesn’t like it if you go out with a friend or go out anywhere without informing him first.  This will start small until you find that you need to ask him permission for everything.

He Belittles Your Friends

He belittles all your friends, especially the male ones.  Each time a friend of yours does something, he picks out their flaws.

He Doesn’t Like Time Apart

He hates the idea of spending time apart from each other.  After all, he wants to be a part of everything in your life.

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His World Revolves Around You

He acts as if his entire life revolves around you and of course he wants you to behave the same way too.  He wants you to feel like he is the center of your world and wants you to give him preferential attention.  He does in attempts to get affirmation of your love, explains Dallas matchmakers, but when these behaviors are displayed, it will most likely push you away from him if he doesn’t change. 

When You Talk about Someone…

He doesn’t like it if you speak highly of someone else.  Every time you mention something nice about a friend, co-worker, or family member, he will immediately belittle them again.  He is very competitive and wants you to believe the only person you should look up to.

When You Are Out…

When you’re out with your girlfriends, you might not realize it, but your boyfriend calls you all the time.  Of course he doesn’t like it when you go out with your friends and will question you as soon as you get home.

Dallas matchmakers encourage you to do some examining by asking yourself how many of these signs you notice in your boyfriend?  Do you think any of these are acceptable to you or is it time to have a talk with him about it? 

If you’re currently single and struggling to meet nice guys on your own, contact the best Dallas matchmakers at Dallas Singles Dating Service and let them do the hard work for you.  With Dallas Singles you’ll only meet quality singles in Dallas, singles who are compatible and ready to settle down.