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Dallas Matchmaking Team Explains How to Know If a Man Is Emotionally Unavailable

Trusted dating service in Dallas, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reveals tell-tale signs he’s not ready to be in a relationship.

The red flags will always be there.  You can either choose to ignore them (and your intuition) hoping that if it works out; after all, things will get better because you think they must, right?  If you love him hard enough, he must change, right?  The truth is, they won’t.  In fact, he’s more likely to get worse.

Today, our Dallas matchmaking team will review signs of an unavailable man to keep an eye for.  If you detect more than five of these signs in your man, then you are dating an emotionally unavailable one.  It’s best to get out now before you invest months or years with someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship.


1. He Always Talks about His Ex-Girlfriend

He talks about her a lot and he does it without you even asking him.  You know her first name, what school she went to, where she lives, and even where she works.  You even know certain details of the favorite places they used to go out together.

2. He Reveals That He Has a Lot of Baggage

Because this ex you know such much about was mean to him, or anything else he has told you, he’s always revealing the fact that he has baggage.  His anger or hurt is just below the surface and he’s always telling you to be good to him because he’s been hurt in the past.

3. He Flatters You a Lot during the Early Stages

You’re so nice.  You’re amazing.  You’re the only woman who does things with a pure heart.  Sure, you love being praised, but let’s be honest, you haven’t done anything yet.

4. He Texts You & Facebook Chats You All the Time

Every morning your phone vibrates with a “Good morning” text, before you go to bed, “Sweet dreams, sweetie” comes in, and he messages you all day long, that’s right, non-stop until you text back.  You get a sense that this is too much, and the truth is, it is.

5. He Disappears Early on

After all the non-stop attention you’ve been receiving from him, you thought that things were going somewhere after two or three months, and maybe you even met some of his friends, but all the sudden, he disappears.  He won’t call or text back for days, then BAM!  He reappears again like nothing ever happened.

6. You Cannot Make Solid Plans with Him

If making plans to see him over the weekend seems like an impossible task, then that is not a good sign.  If he’s only available last minute or late into the night, our Dallas matchmaking team knows that’s an even worse sign.

7. He Shows up Late or Disses You Last Minute

You finally arrange plans to see him Friday night and book them into your busy schedule.  Maybe you purchase tickets to the new movie you want to see or maybe you make reservations to your favorite restaurant and he shows up late or doesn’t show up at all.  Our Dallas matchmaking team knows that unavailable men always have other plans and will make you their last choice.

8. He Doesn’t Want to Meet Your Family & Friends

And if he does meet them, he complains about them to you to make sure you never put him in that awkward position again.


9. He Always Seems to Have an Excuse

For everything.  For showing up late, for not coming to your work party, or even you’re not showing up to your birthday celebration.  To him, nothing is ever his fault.  He has an excuse lined up for everything.

10. His Apartment Looks Messy

His places looks worse than a college frat house.  His mattress is one the floor, his dishes are piling up, and his stinky trash is overflowing.  In fact, his apartment looks like no one lives there to keep up with it.

11. He’s Picky to What He Responds to You

Sometimes he responds right away, while other times he takes hours with no real reason for why it took so long.

12. He Breaks His Promises All the Time

He said he’ll go with you to your family BBQ or that you can spend Friday night cooking together, but he never sticks to his promise.  This is, once again, because he has other things to do and you are not a priority.

13. He Doesn’t Talk about the Relationship

With him, you never had the talk.  Weeks have gone by and you have no clue where the two of you stand.  He has even told you that he doesn’t like to put labels on anything.


14. He Doesn’t Like You Staying at His Place

He prefers to stay at your place because then he can be in control of when he leaves.  If you have stayed at his house at one point or another, he probably watched you like a hawk, right?

15. He Doesn’t Participate in PDAs

You never hold hands, kiss, or hug in public with him, and this is because he doesn’t want to be seen with you.  Our Dallas matchmaking team know a lot of emotionally unavailable men don’t want to limit their chances in the dating world, so they won’t let any woman out there think they’re off the market by engaging in PDAs.

16. He Always Tells You He Is Busy with His Own Things

He tells you he’s unable to spend time with you because his work, hobbies, friends, or family come first.

17. He’s Always Lying about His Whereabouts

Like what he did Friday night or if he was already dating someone else.  It doesn’t matter what it is, you are always the last person to find anything out.

18. He Has Drinking Problems


19. You Are on an Emotional Roller Coaster with Him

You suddenly find yourself experiencing an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows.  He has disappeared on you, he has broken up with you, and ditched you last minute so he can hang out with friends.  But just the other day, he was extremely nice to you, right?  Our Dallas matchmaking team wants you to get off this ride right away.  Those dips are only going to get worse over time and you will eventually be single again.

If you’re tired of dating emotionally unavailable men, contact Dallas and Fort Worth Singles today and let our matchmakers introduce you to a level of dating you deserve.  Our matchmaking team will introduce you to quality men who are serious about dating and settling down, men who aren’t afraid of committing and falling in love.

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