High-End Dallas Matchmaking Agency Provides Unbeatable Dating Tips

Dallas matchmakers from Dallas Singles explain the things women don’t get about men in the dating world.

Just as much as men try to decipher women, women have a difficult time understanding men.  While women will still be the most complicated species to understand, it goes without saying there are a few things about men that are very difficult to understand as well.

Today, the professional matchmakers from Dallas Singles will dig deep into figuring out the puzzle of men and reveal what women can do to grasp a better understanding of them. 

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They Don’t Pay Attention to Detail

Women and detail go together like peanut butter and jelly, but when it comes to men, these detailed little things go right out the window.  While a man knows that his family is having a BBQ the following week, he might have no clue what time he should be there or that he was supposed to bring something along.  All men know is the big picture, not the important and crucial details that women want to know—and to women, the details are everything. 

Men Don’t Share Their Emotions

Rarely will you find a man who is open about his emotions, and when a woman does find one of these rare gems, she feels like she has won the lottery.  Most men are hardwired to keep their emotions pinned inside and it takes a lot from a woman to get him to open up.  And even when a woman does figure out how to get him to open up more, it can still be difficult to understand.  Whatever the reason might be, women have a difficult time understanding men and their feelings. 

Men Like to Be Independent

While this might not be the case for every man out there, most men do enjoy their independence, explains Dallas matchmaking experts.  Has your man gone grocery shopping looking for something specific, but could not find it on his own and refused to ask someone for help?  Or maybe he was taking you out on a date and could not find the upscale new restaurant he planned on surprising you with but refused to ask someone for directions… Men are independent, but some take it to a new level.

They Want to Fix Everything Understandable

It’s understandable that a man wants to fix a woman’s tire that went flat, but it’s not why men won’t call a plumber when they’re not able to fix a faucet.  Why do men feel the need to fix everything?  When you go up to men for advice, the first thing they want to do is fix the problem and many women can’t understand this, but it’s because men are task-oriented—something very difficult for women to understand and come to terms with.

They’re Very Distracted

Ever ask your man to do something for you and two minutes later he forgot what you asked him to do?  Distraction and men go hand in hand.  Even if they say they will do something, they’ll forget about it almost immediately.  Maybe it’s because they have a short attention span or maybe because they have different priorities—who knows, but it will be sure to test your patience in a relationship so be prepared to deal with it in a calm manner.

They Can’t Multitask

When a woman wants to get things done, she’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means doing multiple things at the same time.  However, asking a man to multitask is like trying to bathe a cat in a cold shower, it will never happen.  Combining men and multitasking, impossible. 

Relying on Women to Find Everything

Everyone knows that men have a short attention span and they have a tendency to do things before they think.  How many times has your man asked you where he put his keys, his sunglasses, or his wallet?  For some reason or another, men expect their partners to find everything for them, even though their partners (you) were not the last one to use it.  For some reason or another, men think that women have a magical view of the house and can see where they left their things laying around.  The Dallas matchmaking experts know this is something else that many women, especially those who are used to living on their own, will have a hard time getting used to.

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Their Bathroom Etiquette Sucks

Okay, so it’s understandable they forget to put the toilet seat down once in a while, and that women are the ones to be replacing the toilet paper since they use it more often, but what’s wrong with their aim?  Why does every man miss the toilet by a few inches?  And it doesn’t even bother them?  This is something most men will never change and that means one thing, constant fights or learning to accept it.

They Think Because They’re Sick the World Should End

If you’ve ever taken care of your sick partner you know how hard it can be.  Who would’ve thought that a sick man could turn into a helpless infant, having you do everything for them?  It’s crazy how dependent men become when they get a little cold—some even call in reinforcements—mommy to the rescue.

They Never Use the Clothes Hamper

For most men, the clothes hamper is their worst enemy.  Rarely will you find a man who after he takes his clothes off will take them to the hamper.  Most of the time when a man takes his clothes off, they stay where they land.  All women can do is ask why and remind them that the clothes hamper does exist.

Sex is the Cure for Everything

This isn’t the case for every man, but definitely the case for most of them.  Having a bad day?  Let’s have sex.  He’s feeling a little ill?  Let’s have sex.  Had a big argument?  Let’s have sex.  Though women don’t understand it, sex seems to be the cure to everything for men. 

Communication Problems

For most women, communication is important and if a man gives a woman his number, she expects to talk to him on the phone.  However, men aren’t really too good at talking on the phone, explains Dallas matchmaking experts.  Well, they’re not usually too good at communication whatsoever (but like with anything, there is always an exception).

They Remember Everything about Sports

For those men who are very into sports, it’s mind-blowing how talented they become at remember things—players, stats, and little bits of trivial information about their teams—they seem to know it all.  While women have great remembering skills, men seem to take the cake when it comes to this one, explains Dallas matchmaking experts.  But why?  It’s something that will forever remain a mystery.

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