Dallas Matchmaking Service Reveals Common Signs of an Overprotective Boyfriend

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Is your boyfriend’s love turning into him becoming overprotective of you?  Find out the most common traits of an overprotective boyfriend as the best Dallas matchmaking service, Dallas Singles, reveals them for you today.  Get ahead of it before it becomes too late.

An overprotective boyfriend could be head over heels for you, and the truth is he might actually care a lot for you, but is that an excuse for him to dominate you and control everything in your life?  There is a very thin line between being too overprotective and showing someone you care.  But in many cases, overprotective and dominating behaviors go hand in hand.  If your man is the overprotective type, there is also a big chance he is also the controlling type.  He might not know it himself, but he is.  And of course he might not always confront you face to face—instead he will do other things to make you feel guilty until you finally believe he’s right—all the time.

Want to know the difference between an overprotective boyfriend and one that truly loves you?  Find out today as Dallas matchmaking experts at Dallas Singles Dating Service reveal the answers for you.

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The Dominating Partner

Not all partners try to be dominating to their partners.  It might start off as a few simple accusations, but at some point of time, as you constantly give into your partner, it might turn into a fight for who is in control.  Sometimes a dominating partner could use force in order to control you, but when a partner knows that you’re always resisting their control, they might back off for a while—only to come back and do a little arm twisting when you’re least expecting it.  After all, a dominating partner doesn’t always have to use force in order to dominate their partner.  All he needs to do is find something he knows that will make you doubt yourself. 

Sure Signs He is Dominant over You

Not all possessive partners will try to dominate you.  Instead they try to get to know things about you by doing a little snooping.  And when he finds the right thing, the right soft spot, he will act like the nicest man in the world to try to convince you while they’re right and the world is against you.

You might not notice the signs until you feel isolated.  And then one day it’s too late.  You might realize that whatever it was, it wasn’t that bad after all—it was your man turning everything against you—all because he wanted you for himself. 

Today, the professional team of Dallas matchmaking experts from Dallas Singles Dating Service will reveal the most common signs of a dominating and possessive partner so you can ask yourself if you notice these signs in your own partner and relationship.  Once you realize that you’ve been tricked by your partner, then you can start pushing him back and regaining control of your life.

He’s Extremely Snoopy

He’s always eavesdropping when you’re talking to friends, when you’re on the phone, when you’re text messaging, or when you’re checking out your emails.  Sometimes you might even catch him going through your phone himself.  He might even confront you of a specific number on the phone bill and why you’ve been calling this person so much.

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Everyone Loves You

Each time you laugh at a man’s joke that is not his, you’re flirting.  Each time you talk to another man, you’re flirting.  He constantly tells you that every man you come in contact with has a crush on you and they’re only being nice to you because they find you hot.  And when he sees a man truly tries to hit on you, he will tell you, “I told you so” and blame it on you.

Your Own Things

Your partner hates it when you do things by yourself.  He believes he needs to supervise everything you do.  He’s always happy when you’re with him, but angry when you’re not.

He’s Always Ahead of You

When you first started dating, he already thought he was your boyfriend, and when he did become your boyfriend he acted like he was your husband.  He will always act like he’s ahead in the commitment department, especially when he knows you have male friends.

You Need to Be Available

You always need to be at his beckon call, even if you’re out with friends, at work, or spending your day relaxing at the spa.  If you are out enjoying a dinner with a friend and in the middle of a serious conversation, he expects you to pause and give him a call.  He hates it when you give him the silent treatment.

He’s Extremely Jealous

He is very jealous, regardless of how many times you show him your love for him.  He always tells you how bad you treat him or tells you that you don’t love him as much as he loves you. 

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He Makes You Afraid

The more you agree with him or avoid people just to make him feel secure, the happier he gets.  And you might not know it, but the more uncomfortable you feel around other, the happier he is.

Speaking about Someone

Your partner hates it when you speak highly about someone.  As soon as you speak highly of someone, he hates that person—and as soon as you speak highly of someone he tries to pick flaws and convince you they’re not as great as you think they are.

A protective partner isn’t that bad, but when his protective side goes way into overdrive and he begins displaying one of the above traits, then it’s time to have a serious talk with him about it.  After all, no one likes to be with a possessive partner and the Dallas matchmaking experts from Dallas Singles know it’s not healthy either—they encourage you to take care of yourself and do what’s best for you.

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