Westlake Matchmaking Service Releases Their Ultimate Dating Tips

Westlake matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service unveil their ultimate tips for successfully dating and finding a partner.

Whether you’re new to the Dallas dating scene or are reentering after a tough breakup or divorce, you can benefit from some dating tips from one of the most trusted matchmaking services in Dallas, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles.  Even the most beautiful and wealthy people struggle when it comes to finding love, and everyone can benefit from expert dating advice on how to become a better dater.  If you want to make sure your initial meeting turns into something better, you must listen to this helpful advice from the experts.

The truth is, there is no one-size fits all when it comes to dating; there are no tricks and no magic formulas to find Mr. or Ms. Right.  There are, however, some essential facts singles should keep in mind when dating.  Dating tips are just that, dating tips.  What will work for someone else might not work for you.  Different tactics will work for different people; it all depends on your situation, who you are, and how you lead your life.  However, there are a few dating tips that are fairly universal, and if you are struggling in the Dallas dating scene or just reentering after a long time off, you can surely benefit from this helpful dating advice from the trusted Dallas matchmakers at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles.

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Dallas Matchmaking Service with Their Ultimate Dating Tips for Dallas Singles

1. Get Ready for Real Life Dating

If you really want to be successful in the Dallas dating scene, then you must be ready to commit to dating.  Going into it halfhearted isn’t going to lead you anywhere.  If you really want to be successful, you must put effort into it.  Do some research and think about what it is you want to accomplish out of dating.  You must also get ready for that inevitable rejection you’re going to face at one point or another.  Westlake matchmaking experts know you must make a commitment never to give up, even when faced with rejection.

2. Get Your Act Together

Start a regimen of always looking your best.  If you are a man, enroll yourself in the gym; women enroll in yoga, Pilates, or Zumba classes.  Get a new haircut or style and start a new regimen of always looking good before stepping out of the house.  Though this will not make you find a date immediately, at least you will feel great and confident when you are in front of an attractive person.  When you feel confident, other around you will sense it, and it’s very appealing to everyone.

3. Go Shopping for New Clothes or Get a New Look

One important part of dating is getting your image right, and you can manage to do this with the right type of clothing—clothes that flatter you.  Don’t try to dress like someone you’re not and only amplify your positive assets.  Get rid of dingy clothes, old sweaters, and T’s, and start purchasing some fresh new things.  Your date, man or woman, will appreciate the efforts you’re putting into your looks.


4. Think about What You Want to Gain from Dating & How Long It Will Take

Do you see yourself in a serious relationship a few years from now?  If so, you must act accordingly.  If you are the type of person who just likes to date but not take things seriously, act accordingly and be up front with your dates right away.  Never lead someone to believe you’re looking for something more if you’re just casually dating.

5. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Westlake matchmaking experts know that one of the most important parts of dating is to be around positive people who want to help you achieve your dating goals.  Don’t ruin your chances of becoming successful at dating by hanging around people who are negative.  These type of people will be the ones who have failed relationships and do nothing but sit around and bash the opposite sex.  Start making it a point to attend social events with other singles. Sitting alongside of couples at dinner parties is not going to get you into a serious relationship.

6. Be Realistic When You Choose a Partner

Be realistic when it comes to dating.  In other words, your partner should be based on a whole package, like the one you present.  If you’re looking for the most attractive people at the party, you must ask yourself if you’re as attractive as they are.  Just know that anyone you date will expect to date someone along the same lines.  Keep your expectations realistic in the dating world.

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7. It’s Okay to Take Some Time Out

Occasionally, dating can become tiresome, especially if all you’re going on is disappointing dates.  This here is what the Westlake matchmaking experts from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles call dating fatigue.  It’s okay to take a few weeks to recharge your batteries, boost your confidence, and come back to the dating scene full force.  You are not the only one who has hit a rough patch, but don’t let that be an obstacle on your search for finding love.  Take some time off, it’s completely understandable and necessary every once in a while.

8. Enjoy Dating

Dating is all about meeting new people, socializing, and improving your dating skills.  Don’t think the next person you meet is going to be the one you walk down the aisle with.  The fact is, most people you meet will have something interesting to share with you.  And while you’re not out looking for friends, there is always something new to learn from everyone you meet along the way.

9. Don’t Become Too Available

People like others with a little mystery to them, and that’s one big element of the chase.  For you, this means don’t sleep with someone on a first date.  The longer they have to chase you, the harder they’ll fall in love with you.  And, yes, this rule does apply to men and women.  If your relationship starts with sex too early, it’s most likely going to fail.

If you’re serious about dating and ready to make a commitment to finding the partner of your dreams, contact the Westlake matchmaking team at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles to set up a consultation today.  The dating professionals will take time getting to know you and everything you want out of dating, then only introduce you to qualified people who are also looking for the same thing.

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Dallas Dating Service with the Ultimate Guide for Blind Dates

Can blind dates be fun? Of course they can! And today, local Dallas dating service, Dallas Singles, reveals surprising new twists and tips for handling blind dates.

Blind dates can be lovely, and some can be horrendous—it all depends who your matchmaker is setting you up with.  Even when people have the best intentions, not everyone can get it right.  And even though you might have a lot of things in common, you might not click at all.

So are blind dates worth the while?  Well, let’s see.  Before you go out somewhere (it doesn’t matter where), you have no idea who you will meet.  For example, if you’re going to a party, you never know who will be there, but you probably still go because you think you will have a good time.  And if you go to enough parties, you’ll eventually meet someone worthwhile, whether it be a friend or simple acquaintance.  The same rule applies to blind dates—they’re something you have to explore.  Some will be great, some will not, but you will have fun regardless.  To help you conquer blind dates, local Dallas dating service, Dallas Singles, has compiled the ultimate blind date guide.

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Arrive on Time

When going out on a blind date, or any date in general, you always want to make sure you arrive in a timely manner.  You should arrive five to ten minutes before the date begins.  It will give you time to check yourself in the restroom, straighten yourself and your outfit, or for women, just enough time to primp your hair.

Your Expectations

Blind dates can be a lot of fun, but just like anything in life, you’ll have some good ones and some not so good ones.  If you’re in it for the journey of socializing with new people, chances are you will have a lot of fun.  Even the not so great ones can teach you a lot about dating and they can be funny and memorable as well.  In other words, just enjoy the ride.  And remember that if you meet someone you like, that doesn’t always mean they will like you too.  But it really doesn’t matter because your aim is to find the perfect partner.  Love is about finding someone you click with, and it’s not going to happen on the first try.

It’s All about Relaxing

Yeah, that’s a lot easier said than done, right?  Especially if your date is very attractive.  If you feel like you’re very nervous or all you can think about is how attractive this person is, just take a deep breath and smile.  Remember that your date is not there to judge you; they, just like you, are there looking for a perfect partner.  If they’re a good match for you, the two of you will click (but not always right away).  Remember that just because someone looks great, is smart, and funny, it doesn’t mean they’re superior to you.  You don’t have to be nervous, just enjoy yourself and the date will go great.  If you allow yourself to have a good time instead of being nervous, your date will enjoy your company.

Show Some Enthusiasm

Even after seconds of walking in and seeing each other, and you know you will not be walking down the aisle with this person, try being cordial.  Receiving a mediocre salutation will set the tone for the entire date, so make sure you show some enthusiasm when greeting.  Dallas dating experts encourage you to make good eye contact, smile, and be warm and welcoming.

Handling the Quiet Ones

Some people will be very nervous when they meet you, and this is especially true for a blind date.  And sometimes, even if they’re not nervous, they might not be your cup of tea or someone you would normally go out with, but remember, though, that whatever you feel about them, they are human beings too, and you need to do whatever you can to be nice to them, talk to them, and have a good time.  You don’t ever have to go out with them again, but while you’re with them, treat them with respect.  A lot of people can be a good time once they get past the initial introduction and that stage of being nervous.

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Topics to Talk

You don’t have to bring a list of questions, nor should you treat your blind date like an interview; however, you do want to think about certain topics you want to talk about.  Good topics to talk about include favorite books, movies you’ve watched, things you do in your spare time, what you’re passionate about, your dreams, your favorite foods, and what you like doing on the weekends.

Pay Close Attention

A common mistake that happens on many blind dates is going into excessive talking mode when nervous or excited.  Pay attention to when your date is talking and when they’re not, slow down and breathe when you’re doing the talking.  Also, keep the conversation flowing when they say something by asking relevant questions.  It’s all about showing respect and trying to get to know one another.

Don’t Judge Them Too Soon

As the day goes on, you might find that the two of you have a lot of things in common or you might realize the opposite, that there is nothing in common, and that’s just a party of dating.  The more you get to know each other, the more you might find you like their company or you might find you don’t like them at all.  Take your time getting to know someone for who they are until you decide to blow them off from the start.  Dallas dating experts help clients learn this valuable lesson every day.

Look Great

First impressions are everything on a first date.  You want to look great, but you don’t want to give off the wrong signals.  For women, this means not wearing clothing that is too revealing—and wearing clothing that is appropriate for the venue of the first date.

Have Fun on Your Blind Date

Life is an adventure and you need to relax, take your shoes off, let your hair down and enjoy the ride.  Try making the most out of your blind date; after all, you never know who you will meet.  It could be your next best friend or your romantic partner for life.

If you’re tired of trying to navigate the Dallas dating scene on your own, contact the matchmakers at Dallas Singles and let them introduce you to quality dates who fit your wants and needs in a partner.


Matchmakers Dallas – Things Men Will Never Notice on a Date

Matchmaking service in Dallas, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reveals little tips to make dating less stressful for women.

It’s a simple fact of life, men are not like women when it comes to paying attention to little things.  While you might obsess over color coordinating everything about your outfit and finding the perfect lipstick to match your dress for your big first date, he most likely won’t notice it at all.  This isn’t to say he doesn’t care, but there are a few things men really don’t notice about women—things you worry too much about.  The good news for you is that you can finally stop obsessing about them because they’re not going to impress him.

Get ready as Dallas matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles review what men don’t notice about women—things you no longer have to overstress about in the dating world.

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Different Styles of Makeup

Sure, your man has seen you with and without makeup by now, and that’s about as much as you can expect him to notice and understand about cosmetics.  If you went to the store and purchased a different style of mascara or different shade of lipstick, it’s unlikely he’s going to be jumping and doing cartwheels because he if he’s like most men, he’s not going to notice any changes.

Hair Mistakes

Women put forth a lot of time and efforts when it comes to having the perfect hairstyle and healthy hair, which as you already know can be frustrating trying to achieve the look you want.  Women want to look good for themselves and for their partners and course they want to be recognized for it, but don’t be too surprised when your man doesn’t see what you’re talking about when you show him all your split ends or when you’re out on a date and frustrated that your hair seems to be frizzier today than it was on your last date.  In fact, these are little things you should keep to yourself, not only are they not noticed by him, but they can be seen as you being too high maintenance or even too whiny, explains Dallas matchmakers.  Always keep complaints, especially self-complaints to a minimum.

Your Different Styles of Mani & Pedis

Most men don’t really notice, or to be honest, care what color your nails or toes are—or even if they match.  While mani and pedis are a must have for almost every woman, don’t think for a second that your man is going to notice when you have changed your colors or that you happened to have missed your mani/pedi appointment earlier today.  Really, it’s not weighing heavy on his mind.

A Few Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of those flaws that almost every women dwells on and obsesses over, but the truth is, stretch marks are there and often there for good.  While you might notice them every time you walk past a mirror, take pleasure in knowing your man probably doesn’t notice them at all.  For him, it’s just a few wavy lines with no name to them.  That’s right, he probably doesn’t even know what they’re called.  And to him, it doesn’t make a difference because he still thinks you’re beautiful.

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The Cousin, Cellulite

Cellulite is another body flaw that almost every woman has or will have.  But just like with those annoying little stretch marks, with cellulite women are their own worst critics, explains Dallas matchmakers.  Even if you have a little cellulite on your legs or somewhere else on your body, which you think stands out (making you feel insecure), you’re wrong.  Why?  Because your man is unlikely to even notice, unless you’re constantly pointing it out to him.

A Few Shaving Mistakes

How many times have you shaved your legs and only took notice to that big missed spot once you were outside?  This will of course bother you until you’re able to get home and fix it, but don’t worry because your man will never know.  Laugh it off and take care of it whenever you can, but don’t let it ruin your whole day.  Again, it’s best to brush it off and be laidback around your man.

A Few Blemishes

Every woman wants to be able to have the perfect skin, which of course is evenly toned and blemish-free; however, when women are in a rush to go out, or some have to deal with scars and blemishes, it makes their job a little more difficult.  Though you might dwell on these mistakes and spots, you must realize your man doesn’t even notice.  To him, they are a part of who you are, which makes you unique.  Dallas matchmakers encourage you to accept it and own it—show your man your confident side.

Taking a Few Inches Off

Men are not very good at noticing small details so if you went to the hair salon during your lunch hour and got an inch or two cut off, don’t expect your man to notice it immediately.  A man will only notice a dramatic change such as a different hair color or different style, but not just a few inches.

Your New Handbag

Purses and women go together like peanut butter and jelly, but when it comes to men, don’t expect your man to notice the new Michael Kors purse you just bought to replace your old one.  To a man, a purse is just something you carry around to put your stuff inside—he doesn’t pay too much mind to it.  Unless he was the one who bought it, it’s unlikely he will notice.

Your New Shoes

New shoes are yet one more thing you can expect a man to never notice.  Most men will not spend too much time looking at your shoes, unless of course he has a shoe fetish.  Buying shoes is a woman’s favorite past time; it’s heavenly, but for a man, shoes are just shoes.  Here again, a man will only notice them if he was the one who bought them for you or they’re extraordinary.

New Jewelry

For most men, jewelry is only important if they’re the ones who are doing the buying.  If you have spent your entire evening looking for a specific tennis bracelet or a certain set of earrings, don’t expect your man to notice anything different (despite all the hours you put into looking for it).  Despite all your hard work and effort, jewelry isn’t something men pay much attention to.

New Decorations

This one is depending on the man, so he might or might not notice the new picture you just hung on the wall.  But in most cases, don’t expect your man to notice your decorative towels, your new candles, or the new hand soap you put in your spare bathroom.  Most men are not really into décor, which makes it very difficult for them to notice.

Anything Having to Do with Shades

For most men, red is red and blue is blue and there is nothing in between, explains Dallas matchmakers.  There is no lilac purple, chocolate brown, or charcoal gray.  If you tell a man you bought a specific shade of color, good luck trying to get him to notice it.  For men, there are only colors, not shades or tones.

If you’re tired of putting all your best efforts into your dates, only to be disappointed, contact the Dallas matchmaking team at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles to set up a consultation today.  They’ll only introduce you to quality men who fit your dating criteria.  What are you waiting for?  Give them a call today!