Dallas Matchmaking Service Reviews How to Date over 50

Reputable matchmakers in Dallas, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service, reveal expert advice for mature singles reentering the Dallas dating scene.

Not sure where to meet eligible singles?  Worried what to even wear on a first date?  Don’t panic, our Dallas matchmaking team here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will teach you everything you need to know about mature dating.

By the age of 50, many people expect that they will be living a relaxed life, kicking back and enjoying everything they have worked so hard to achieve.  Ideally, they expect to experience this with a loving partner by their side, but whether divorce or widowhood has thrown a left curve in your life, or maybe you have just never found someone special to settle down with, many 50 plus men and women find themselves single, and sometimes, they have no clue how to go about dating.

While it’s easy to feel like a fish out of water surrounded by happy couples everywhere, don’t worry, there are many people who are in the same boat as you.  Trust us, we know all too well.  In our 25 years of experience helping local Dallas and Fort Worth singles find love, we have helped thousands of 50 plus mature singles find love, not to mention, helped them learn how to enjoy the dating process.  And, well, that makes us the experts, and here is our advice for you.


1. You Need to Think of Yourself as a Catch

Singles can be very tough on themselves, especially once they hit 50.  If you’re feeling a little low on yourself, it can help to get back in touch with all the things you like about yourself.  Write down all the things that make you feel good about yourself.  Whether it’s your crazy sense of humor, your awesome cooking skills, or the fact that you can still beat your young nephew at basketball, it doesn’t matter, just write it down.

The next thing you want to do is write down the areas that you need improvement.  Maybe now is the time to commit yourself to losing a few pounds you gained from all the backyard BBQs over summer or perhaps it’s time treat yourself to a new fall wardrobe to begin dating.  Giving yourself a goal to strive for can do wonders with your attitude.  For example, if you always wanted to be a good dancer, now is the time to take those dance lessons.  It will feel good when you finally learn how to dance (or do whatever it is you want to do).  Our Dallas matchmaking experts want you to know that it’s never too late to learn something new.  In fact, learning something new is going to keep you young and in good spirits.

3. Let People Know You’re Dating

One of the many reasons your cell phone is not getting any calls to go out on a date is because no one knows you’re dating.  Our Dallas matchmaking experts want you to stop assuming that everyone knows you’re back on the market.  Let your friends, family, and colleagues know that you are looking to be set up.  Don’t be shy about it because everyone loves playing matchmaker.

4. Speak Up

Always be open to meeting someone new each and every day.  The person standing next to you at the grocery store, the person walking by at the coffee shop, or the person you pass on the jogging course in the morning, they could be the person that is meant to be with you.  If you are on the shy side, think about this: the worst thing they can possibly say to you is no.  At best, you might be pleasantly surprised.  Many people have met their love partners out of plain luck, so don’t be reluctant to approach a stranger.  Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone; you never know what may come out of it.  If you see a new stranger and you’re interested in them, just comment on whatever is going on around you.  Whether it’s something like, “This place makes the best coffee, don’t you agree?” or, “This restaurant has the best food in town,” either will work.


5. Where Something Fitting for Your Age

One dating hurdle our Dallas matchmaking experts hear all the time from singles over 50 is not knowing what they should wear on a first date.  Many singles over 50 find themselves stuck between dressing too young or dressing too old.  Sure, you definitely don’t want to look like a teenager, but you don’t want to be wearing fuddy-duddy clothes either.  The best look for you is something fitted for your age, but the most important piece of advice when it comes to clothing is to wear something you feel comfortable in.  Comfortable doesn’t have to mean elastic waistbands or vintage clothing.  Being comfortable means feeling good, feeling good means confidence, and we all know confidence means sexy.

When you have a date coming up, get advice from a friend that you know dresses well.  Heck, even ask them to go shopping with you.  Whatever you do, don’t take your grandkids shopping, because although they may mean well, they may not know what is appropriate for you.  If you don’t have any friends, you can ask the sales representative at the mall to help you shop around for an outfit that would be best for you.

6. Be Positive with Your Conversation

Everyone, especially at this point in their life will have some romantic baggage, and although it can be tempting to share yours while out on a first date, our Dallas matchmaking experts want you to resist that urge.  Even if your ex-spouse cheated on you or your blind date stood you up last week, talking about relationship baggage will only make you look bad.  Dating is already complicated as it is, you don’t want to make it worse.

7. Where to Meet Singles

There are plenty of places to meet eligible singles, and, no, we’re not talking about the karaoke bar down the street.  We’re talking about a reputable matchmaking and dating agency, like Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service.  Here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, we will introduce you to 50 plus singles who are also looking to settle down, singles just like you who are also tired of the dating games and would love nothing more than to experience life with a loving partner by their side.

If you’re ready to take the next step to finding love in your 50’s, contact our matchmaking professionals and let us help you.  Let us worry about the hard part of scouting and screening dates, so all you have to do is show up and be your wonderful self.

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Upscale Matchmakers in Dallas Teaches You 9 Ways to Build Confidence

Dating in Dallas can be tough, but our matchmaking experts here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service are here to help you out!

Confidence, one of the most important qualities to have.  If you have it, you will know it; if you don’t, you will too.  But how does a normal person with a normal number of self-doubts end up radiating confidence?  Today, our upscale Dallas matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will teach you how to accomplish it.

Self-confidence is that feeling you have knowing you can accomplish anything, even the most impossible tasks.  It is based on prior successes, but also comes from overcoming any type of setback.  In fact, learning from a negative experience can often be a tool to learn to build self-confidence.  Think about all the times a basketball star misses but keeps trying to do it again, or think about an actor that played a bad role in a movie but comes back tenfold by playing an Oscar-winning role.  The reason they made it to where they are is because they never give up and continuously kept trying.

When you are out on a date, especially the first date, self-confidence will be one of the most important qualities you must have in order to leave a good first impression.  With that being said, today our upscale Dallas matchmakers will teach you how to build your confidence so you can land success in your romantic life.


1. Learn How to Properly Walk

In the weeks and days prior to your first date, spend time watching people and take notice to how they walk.  Who amongst them will make a good role model for you?  Well, maybe it will be a successful, well-dressed business man, maybe an athletic person jogging down the street, or perhaps a yoga instructor at your fitness center.  Whoever you choose, stay a few feet behind them and try to mimic how they walk.  Take notice to their posture and their stride, then try to copy it in your own walk.  After a while, try to pick out another person who has a lot of self-confidence and mimic them.  During these exercises, you might notice that you begin to think more positively too.  When you finally meet your date for the first time, this is the way you should walk and carry yourself.

2. Remind Yourself of Your Accomplishments

You should remind yourself of all the things you have mastered, using it as an inspirational board.  “I was able to give a presentation at work and nailed it.  I gave the presentation to about twenty people, so talking to one person should be a lot easier.” “I’m a successful sales representative, so I have to radiate confidence at my work, meaning doing it during a date should be a lot easier.”

3. Let Your Body Language Do the Talking

Speak less and let your body language talk for you.  We want you to remember to sit tall and maintain good eye contact.

4. All of Your Image Components Must Be Tip-Top

All the components that make your entire image should be attended to.  Hair, clothing, and skincare, none of them should take away from your self-confidence.  That means make sure everything is in tip-top shape and makes you feel good during your date.

Truly self-confident people will actually turn the conversation around so their date is in the spotlight.  This is, in fact, charming and flattering for the person you’re out with.  You should focus on what your date is saying, listen intently, and try to make them feel like the center of attention.  This is quite easy to do for self-confident people, and our upscale Dallas matchmakers know it’s a great skill that yields wonderful results.

5. Be Familiar with Good Topics of Conversation

You need to be familiar with good topics of conversation and mutual interests before you meet your date.  You should also be familiar with the restaurant, the menu, the movie you’ll be seeing, or the neighborhood or district you’re visiting.  Our upscale Dallas matchmakers never want you to arrive on a first date without having any idea what to talk about.  You will be much more confident when you’re prepared.  Take time to be well-prepared visually too.  Choosing the right outfit will take time, but it will make you feel confident and sure of yourself.


6. Your Self-Confident Reflects in Your Accomplishments

People who have neglected their looks or gained excessive weight will have poor self-esteem, and that means confidence levels will be low.  If you want to radiate confidence, you need to invest time in yourself.  Start being motivated to take care of yourself and your health.  If you are not even able to take care of yourself, how will you ever take care of a partner?

7. Self-Confidence Comes from Learning

Try and try again until you finally learn it.  It’s probably something you were taught since you were a kid and it’s certainly fitting for when it comes to building confidence.  If you are trying to find a special partner to spend your time with, perhaps your life with, you need to keep on trying.  Practice does make perfect, so stop berating yourself or making yourself feel depressed if your date isn’t interested in seeing you again.  On the contrary, you must pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and immediately plan another date.  Our Dallas matchmakers know that by learning to move forward, you will gain wisdom, which in turn creates self-confidence.

8. Remind Yourself You’re Great

About an hour before you arrive to your date, talk to someone that looks up to you.  Whether it’s a good friend, a colleague, or a parent, ask them all the things that make you a special person.  A few compliments in and you’ll be feeling great.  You’ll be feeling so great that by the time you go on your date, you’ll be walking on air feeling and feeling pretty fabulous.  And guess what?  Feeling fabulous means you’ll be radiating confidence.

9. Picture the Date Going Well

While you’re getting ready for the date, imagine yourself being relaxed and comfortable, sort of like being with a good old friend.  The two of you talking easily, laughing together, and enjoying each other’s company.  Think of the great time you and your friend had over happy hour last week and imagine it being like that, or even better.  The better you visualize the date, the better it will go.

If you’re a mature, professional single in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, contact our matchmakers today and let us help you transform your dating life.  Let us introduce you to compatible, like-minded singles who are looking for the same thing out of dating.

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Fort Worth Matchmakers with Summer Date Ideas

Matchmaking service in Fort Worth, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, dishes out ideas to enjoy the last days of summer fun and romance!

At a loss of what to do this upcoming weekend?  Summer is over just yet, so it’s the perfect time to wrap it up with some fun outdoor activities before fall sets in; after all, during the dreaded winter months, it’s not always so easy to find cool things to do.  Whether it’s with your seasoned partner or someone you’re just starting to see, these date ideas from our Fort Worth matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will work perfectly to spice things up.


1. Visit a Local Winery

The truth is, this date idea might not be available in every region, but a local boutique brewery can be just as fun.  When you take your date to a local winery or brewery you’ll get to enjoy a lot of different wines or beers together and you’ll learn a lot in the process.  The fee for these types of events should only run between $5-25 per person; a good price for a good time.  You can also purchase a few bottles of wine to take home and enjoy on a later date.  Many wineries and breweries offer food too, so you can order your favorite glass of wine and sit outside in the shade while enjoying the company of your date, good food, and maybe even the perfect view.

2. Ride the Rides at an Amusement Park

Whether it’s a local country fair or a huge amusement park, throw on your shorts, fill up your water bottle, and spend the entire day eating your favorite greasy fair foods and running around enjoying the rides and fun like young kids.  You can indulge in a few of your favorite fair games and if you’re able to pop enough balloons or hook the fish, you might be able to win a cute little gift to give your date.  Maybe you’ll win a gold fish or perhaps an oversized stuffed animal.  The prices are not what they used to be, but you’ll have so much fun you won’t even mind!  What matters here is letting your inner child come out—laughing, giggling, and having a fun day to remember.

3. Board Games

Play cards, Scrabble, or Yahtzee.  Pack a cooler with your favorite beer or wine spritzers and head to the back deck or a local park to play games all afternoon.  Sometimes, spending the entire afternoon with a deck of cards is more fun than going out on the town, especially when the weather is nice.  Your charming date, a few delicious snacks, and your favorite music playing on your iPod and you have the recipe for a perfect afternoon or evening for two.


4. Ride Your Bikes on a Trail

Many cities have bike trails that provide a great outdoor date idea for summer.  Generally, these bike trails are beautifully maintained and great views of the city and nature.  Use this opportunity to ride your bike endlessly, but don’t forget to pack some lunch or waters to refuel for the ride back.

5. Dinner Al Fresco at Your Favorite Food Truck

Take a walk through a nearby neighborhood or city and look for the best gourmet food truck they have to offer.  Miniature burgers, pierogies, and spring rolls all the way to BBQ ribs and fish tacos; you can literally have it all.  You might even find some yummy homemade ice-cream.  Did someone say wine-flavored ice-cream cookie sandwiches?  You can literally have it all.  Have you ever watched the movie, Chef?  If not, you will never look at a food truck the same way you once did.

6. Go to a Theater in the Park

Whether you live in the city or a rural area, outdoor theaters are now everywhere.  Yes, they’re everywhere.  Many places offer their summer shows in local parks.  Shakespeare in the park is something very popular in New York, Baltimore, Portland, and even right here in Dallas.  If you get the hang of it, you can check out the different types of productions they offer.  Throw in your favorite picnic foods and have the perfect afternoon for two.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your favorite bottle of champagne.


7. Go Fishing

Some male readers are probably like, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about, “while the ladies out there might be thinking, “Do I really have to do this?”  Well, everyone hang tight, don’t rule it out just yet.  Even if you are not a fishing expert, nothing is more relaxing than being outside in a serene setting.  If you are not any good, you can always take a fly fishing class or rent a couple of poles and practice on your own.  You don’t even have to rent them, just borrow some from your friends or neighbors and head to the nearest lake, river, or stream around Fort Worth or Dallas.

8. Head Out to a Ball Game

What screams summer more than America’s favorite pastime?  Whether you are a fanatic or a newbie, baseball can be a fun game to watch.  If you’re struggling to find tickets to a major league game, don’t worry.  We recommend you to go to a minor league game; after all, their stadiums are smaller, the food is great, and it’s a lot cheaper if you’re watching your budget.  There is more than just major league, so don’t be afraid to get out and explore what the city has to offer.  There are teams playing every week, it’s all up to you to find what’s going on near you.  But whether it’s a major league game or a minor league one, spending a sunny afternoon out in the stands makes for the perfect summer date.

9. Visit a Festival

Everyone knows that summer means festival time.  Big cities, small towns, and everything in between, they all seem to have their own unique festivals during the summer months.  Whether it’s food related, music, or even crafts, you’re bound to find something that catches your fancy.  There is plenty to do, plenty to see, tons to drink and eat, and an experience you will not forget.

So who said that summer was supposed to be spent inside in the AC?  As you can tell, you can have a magical time during the summer months.  So get out there and put one of these great date ideas from our Fort Worth matchmakers to good use because summer is soon coming to an end!

For more dating and relationship advice from our Fort Worth matchmakers, be sure to connect with Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service on Facebook & Twitter!

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Dallas Matchmaking Team Explains How to Know If a Man Is Emotionally Unavailable

Trusted dating service in Dallas, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reveals tell-tale signs he’s not ready to be in a relationship.

The red flags will always be there.  You can either choose to ignore them (and your intuition) hoping that if it works out; after all, things will get better because you think they must, right?  If you love him hard enough, he must change, right?  The truth is, they won’t.  In fact, he’s more likely to get worse.

Today, our Dallas matchmaking team will review signs of an unavailable man to keep an eye for.  If you detect more than five of these signs in your man, then you are dating an emotionally unavailable one.  It’s best to get out now before you invest months or years with someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship.


1. He Always Talks about His Ex-Girlfriend

He talks about her a lot and he does it without you even asking him.  You know her first name, what school she went to, where she lives, and even where she works.  You even know certain details of the favorite places they used to go out together.

2. He Reveals That He Has a Lot of Baggage

Because this ex you know such much about was mean to him, or anything else he has told you, he’s always revealing the fact that he has baggage.  His anger or hurt is just below the surface and he’s always telling you to be good to him because he’s been hurt in the past.

3. He Flatters You a Lot during the Early Stages

You’re so nice.  You’re amazing.  You’re the only woman who does things with a pure heart.  Sure, you love being praised, but let’s be honest, you haven’t done anything yet.

4. He Texts You & Facebook Chats You All the Time

Every morning your phone vibrates with a “Good morning” text, before you go to bed, “Sweet dreams, sweetie” comes in, and he messages you all day long, that’s right, non-stop until you text back.  You get a sense that this is too much, and the truth is, it is.

5. He Disappears Early on

After all the non-stop attention you’ve been receiving from him, you thought that things were going somewhere after two or three months, and maybe you even met some of his friends, but all the sudden, he disappears.  He won’t call or text back for days, then BAM!  He reappears again like nothing ever happened.

6. You Cannot Make Solid Plans with Him

If making plans to see him over the weekend seems like an impossible task, then that is not a good sign.  If he’s only available last minute or late into the night, our Dallas matchmaking team knows that’s an even worse sign.

7. He Shows up Late or Disses You Last Minute

You finally arrange plans to see him Friday night and book them into your busy schedule.  Maybe you purchase tickets to the new movie you want to see or maybe you make reservations to your favorite restaurant and he shows up late or doesn’t show up at all.  Our Dallas matchmaking team knows that unavailable men always have other plans and will make you their last choice.

8. He Doesn’t Want to Meet Your Family & Friends

And if he does meet them, he complains about them to you to make sure you never put him in that awkward position again.


9. He Always Seems to Have an Excuse

For everything.  For showing up late, for not coming to your work party, or even you’re not showing up to your birthday celebration.  To him, nothing is ever his fault.  He has an excuse lined up for everything.

10. His Apartment Looks Messy

His places looks worse than a college frat house.  His mattress is one the floor, his dishes are piling up, and his stinky trash is overflowing.  In fact, his apartment looks like no one lives there to keep up with it.

11. He’s Picky to What He Responds to You

Sometimes he responds right away, while other times he takes hours with no real reason for why it took so long.

12. He Breaks His Promises All the Time

He said he’ll go with you to your family BBQ or that you can spend Friday night cooking together, but he never sticks to his promise.  This is, once again, because he has other things to do and you are not a priority.

13. He Doesn’t Talk about the Relationship

With him, you never had the talk.  Weeks have gone by and you have no clue where the two of you stand.  He has even told you that he doesn’t like to put labels on anything.


14. He Doesn’t Like You Staying at His Place

He prefers to stay at your place because then he can be in control of when he leaves.  If you have stayed at his house at one point or another, he probably watched you like a hawk, right?

15. He Doesn’t Participate in PDAs

You never hold hands, kiss, or hug in public with him, and this is because he doesn’t want to be seen with you.  Our Dallas matchmaking team know a lot of emotionally unavailable men don’t want to limit their chances in the dating world, so they won’t let any woman out there think they’re off the market by engaging in PDAs.

16. He Always Tells You He Is Busy with His Own Things

He tells you he’s unable to spend time with you because his work, hobbies, friends, or family come first.

17. He’s Always Lying about His Whereabouts

Like what he did Friday night or if he was already dating someone else.  It doesn’t matter what it is, you are always the last person to find anything out.

18. He Has Drinking Problems


19. You Are on an Emotional Roller Coaster with Him

You suddenly find yourself experiencing an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows.  He has disappeared on you, he has broken up with you, and ditched you last minute so he can hang out with friends.  But just the other day, he was extremely nice to you, right?  Our Dallas matchmaking team wants you to get off this ride right away.  Those dips are only going to get worse over time and you will eventually be single again.

If you’re tired of dating emotionally unavailable men, contact Dallas and Fort Worth Singles today and let our matchmakers introduce you to a level of dating you deserve.  Our matchmaking team will introduce you to quality men who are serious about dating and settling down, men who aren’t afraid of committing and falling in love.

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Have You Gone Too Far with Him? Dallas Matchmakers on Dating Stalkers

Trusted matchmaking and dating service in Dallas, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reveals the truth about crossing the lines with a new love interest.

So you really like a man, but is your affection becoming something like a crazy obsession?  Read the following signs from our Dallas matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service and ask yourself if you have now become a dating stalker.

When a woman likes a man, she may go a bit overboard with her affection, and sometimes it’s done without even realizing it.  When a woman becomes too clingy and needy, it can quickly scare the man away.  Of course this behavior is never acceptable for a healthy relationship; after all, the last thing you want your new man to think is that you have gone over the line and become a dating stalker.

Sure, you’re not singing him a love song outside of his bedroom window, but you might not realize there are subtle things you could be doing that are giving him the impression you’re too much to handle.  No man wants to deal with a desperate, needy, or possessive woman, so make sure that’s not how you’re coming off to the new man in your life.


Signs You’ve Crossed the Line & Are Scaring Your Man Away

Our Dallas matchmakers have compiled a list of the top things you might be doing that could lead him to believe that you’re becoming a little too obsessed, a little bit stalkerish.

1. Commenting & Liking Everything on Facebook

While it’s completely acceptable to portray your love and affection to your partner on Facebook, it is not acceptable to comment and like on every single status, photo, and link he puts on his page.  For a man, this is one of the clearest indications that you have crossed the line and become a stalker, a creep if you will.  The thing here is that you need to let him know that you have better things to do besides monitoring his every Facebook activity and posting on his things all day long.  Our Dallas matchmakers know this could also make him think you’re putting the signal out there to other women that he is off limits.

2. Showing Up to Places He’s Checked Into When You Weren’t Invited

Thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to post places you’ll be going out, whether it’s the gym, your favorite coffee shop, or your favorite happy hour spot.  People generally don’t announce where they’re going thinking their girlfriends will show up unexpectedly, so your current man will start getting suspicious if every time he checks in somewhere you suddenly appear.  It’s not acceptable to go to the places your man has checked in unless he has invited you personally to go.

3. Going by His Workplace, House, or School

You might need to walk or drive by one of these places if it’s on the way to your house or work, but you do not need to go there more often than you need to.  If you don’t see him, you will have wasted your precious time and will not accomplish anything.  On the other hand, if he sees you driving around his house or circling around the block a few times, he’ll find it very sketchy, even disturbing.

4. Texting Him 24/7

If this is someone you just recently met at the grocery store or your favorite local pub, perhaps you were lucky enough to have gotten his number, but if so, don’t make that horrible mistake of texting him all the time.  If you are constantly sending him good morning or sweet dreams messages, you’re going to send him the wrong impression, the impression that you are too much, too soon.  Sending constant text messages during the early stages will make him think you are too clingy, and possibly becoming a stalker.  You might be curious about his activities but that doesn’t give you the right to bombard him with text messages.  Your “What are you eating for dinner” messages need to stop today if you don’t want to scare this man away.

5. Being a Regular at his Workplace

If the man you are starting to see tells you he works at a local bank, hotel, or a local bar, the last thing you want to do is become a regular there.  If you have never gone to his place of business before but are quickly becoming a regular, you are becoming a clingy girlfriend.  Our Dallas matchmakers encourage you to show him you’re independent and have your own life.

6. Getting Information about Him through Friends

Along the same lines, if you are already good friends with common people, don’t use them to try to get information.  Don’t ask mutual friends where he will be on the weekends, where his office is, or why his last relationship did not work out.  If you are not close enough to ask him yourself, then you don’t have the right to get the answers behind his back.  Plus, if you find out everything about him behind his back, you won’t have much to talk about with him when you see him.


7. Making His Interests Your Own

When you’re looking to date a man, the last thing you want to do is make all his interests your own, especially if you don’t even care for them.  Most men will get creeped out if they meet you at a coffee shop and then you unexpectedly show up to golf tournament or a wine tasting event they were supposed to be at the following week.  Moreover, if a man finds out you are not really interested in his hobbies, but are acting as though you are, he will think you are manipulative and desperate to be in a relationship.

8. Buying Him Unnecessary Gifts

Unless you are already in a serious relationship with him and are celebrating his birthday together you should not be buying him gifts all the time.  Giving him gifts will make him think things between the two of you are awkward and that little caution light in his brain will come on.

9. Asking Him to Hang Out After He Turned You Down

Sometimes when women are interested in a man they seem to have a hard time processing the word no.  If a man tells you he is busy and can’t hang out, but you keep asking him and ignoring him when he tells you no, you are crossing the line over to stalkerish.  Unless you want a man to label you as desperate and completely ignore you altogether, you need to give him his own space.  Learn to accept the fact that he has other things to do.  Again, the best advice our Dallas matchmakers can give you is to go about your own life, show him you have your own friends, interests, and activities.

As much as you like a man and you want to stay close to him, you need to keep in mind that no man likes to be smothered by a woman.  If you keep doing the things above, you’re eventually going to push him away for good.

For more helpful dating and relationship advice from our matchmakers, stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Farmers Branch Matchmaking Reveals New Rules for People Who Dislike Dating

Are you the type of person who hates dating games?  Do you hate everything associated with dating?  Then, this article is right for you!  Dallas matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service have the perfect solutions for you to rev up your dating life.

Maybe you read way too many dating articles and are feeling confused and overwhelmed that you’ve to find success, or maybe you hate the whole idea of having to approach someone at the supermarket and begin the courting process.  The trick is to change your mindset from thinking you must be manipulative in order to be successful.  Instead, Farmers Branch matchmakers want you to focus on bringing out the best part of yourself when it comes to dating.

It’s easy to see how many Dallas singles get exhausted when it comes to the dating process, especially when finding a compatible partner takes so much work.  The modern day dating world has widened our options, giving us the help of professional matchmaking and dating services providing helpful introductions with compatible singles, but simply having more options doesn’t mean dating will be a breeze.  In fact, sometimes, the whole process can feel a little overwhelming.  But don’t worry, Farmers Branch matchmaking experts from Dallas Singles have some helpful advice for you today.

You don’t have to pretend like dating is fun all the time, maybe it’s okay to say, “I want to take some time off of dating.”  If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the Dallas dating world, the first step is admitting that you are in a dating rut, and the second is reviewing this article that Farmers Branch matchmaking experts have crafted especially for you.  This article will be fitting for even the most reluctant daters out there.  Read on and find out how you can improve your dating success.


1. Review Your Previous Dating History & Figure out What Worked for You

Okay, so maybe the last few dates you went out on could win first place of being some of the worst dates you’ve ever been on in your life, but that doesn’t mean every date in the future will be just like that.  The truth is, the more dates you go out on, the greater likelihood you will hit a rough patch, but at the same time, you will increase your chances of finding love.  Here is one thing you need to keep in mind while you’re sulking all alone at home: all your dates weren’t that bad, and even those okay dates were good.  Why?  Because they teach you a lot about what you want in a partner.  Recalling all the things that were right on those dates will help you look forward to good dates to come.  So when you’re ready to come back into the dating scene, you’ll be 100% ready and know what you want in a partner.  Start retracing your steps and figure out what has worked in your past dating history and what it has taught you.

2. Know What You Want

There is no need to keep a list the size of your arm next to your nightstand, but there are always a few factors which should be non-negotiable.  If you want a person who is educated, someone who has a nice family background, then follow those requirements; the rest should be left up to chemistry.  However, knowing what you want should also mean knowing who you are.  You need to figure out what you truly need in order to be happy in a relationship; otherwise, you will keep falling in and out of relationships that will not be what you want.

3. Get Rid of Your Old Routines & Start Fresh

When it comes to dating, every day is a brand new opportunity to begin fresh as long as you choose to let your past where it belongs.  So ask yourself, what can I do differently this time around?  Do you want to limit the number of dates you have but improve the quality of them?  Are you willing to give different people more chances?  If you feel like you are burnt out or grumpy with the whole dating process, are you willing to take a break until you’re back in your dating groove?  If so, it’s time to start with a dating checklist.  It’s time to rethink all those must-haves you expect in your ideal partner.  Don’t put too much focus on shallow interests, such as looks, money, or social status, because those things are not substantial in a long term relationship.  However, character, core values, and shared interests are of utmost importance.  Think about all the qualities you bring to the table and remember that you attract people like yourself.


4. Take a Break

If you are suffering from dating fatigue, it’s okay to take some time and work on yourself.  The biggest tip the matchmakers can give reluctant daters is to take a little time out from dating altogether.  If your mood is negative, you will have a negative aura; therefore, you will not be successful at dating.  You will attract all the wrong people, if any at all.  During this time out, Farmers Branch matchmaking experts recommend you start cultivating yourself.  Take up a new hobby, work out, and do other things that will help improve your self-esteem. Once you’re feeling better about yourself, you’ll feel more confident heading back into the dating scene.

5. Change Your Entire Approach

Instead of viewing dating as a dreaded chore, why don’t you change your approach?  After all, the only way you can stop being single is to be proactive about it.  Dating can be a fun process if you choose to look at it that way.  View each encounter with each person as an opportunity to get to know someone new rather than a tryout session for meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.

6. Set a Schedule & Follow It

Some people like to line up two or three dates each week for several weeks, and this is something you could try following yourself.  Just how you schedule job interviews each week when you’re looking for a job, schedule dating in.  When you search for a job, if you encounter a few bad interviews does that mean you stop looking for a job?  No, you come back and look for more, and the same rule applies for dating.  Be clear about what you’re doing and go head on with a clear purpose.

If you’re tired of navigating the dating scene alone, contact Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service and let them guide the way.  Dating doesn’t have to be a struggle, not with a personal matchmaker by your side.

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Arlington, TX Matchmakers – The Ultimate Breakup Cure

Dating and matchmaking service in Fort Worth, Dallas Singles, releases expert advice for putting a breakup behind you.

Breakups are tough.  They’re very uncomfortable, painful, and they affect us dramatically, even if we were the ones who chose to break up.  Ending a relationship is never an easy experience, and without a doubt, it can be one of the most painful experiences we feel.  How do you handle the immediately feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and loneliness?  How do you stop from spiraling into depression?  How do you ensure you come out on top after a tough breakup?

Today, Arlington matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service review their ultimate tips for handling a breakup.  They know breakups can affect people for a long time, especially when not dealt with in the proper manner.  If you want to prevent the breakup taking over your life, get familiar with these helpful tips.


1. Cut All Contact

You will need time to heal from this experience and so does your ex, but keeping a chain of communication will never allow for the wounds to completely heal.  Take them off your Facebook friend list, don’t hang out in group settings, don’t show up to places they frequent, don’t randomly call them to see how they’re doing, and  absolutely no drunk dialing.

Here is where some people take the wrong approach—trying to remain friends.  You should not make a pact to remain friends, because you won’t actually be a true friend, you’ll do it just so you can keep tabs on them.  You can initiate contact with them once you are completely healed and moved on.  Don’t bother begging them to take you back, it is pathetic and very unattractive.

2. Accept That the Relationship Is Over

Even if you think there is a chance the two of you could get back together, let go of that thought.  If you’re always hoping for a second chance, you’ll never completely heal, explains Arlington matchmakers.  If you are constantly waiting for something to happen, you’ll be disappointed when it doesn’t, making you feel worse than you already did.  Stop looking at old pictures, stop reading their letters, stop going through text messages, don’t stalk them on social media, and don’t hack their accounts if you know their passwords.

3. Allow Plenty of Time to Grieve

It’s normal to be down for some time after a breakup, especially if it was a long and serious relationship.  Use this time to chill out, gather your thoughts, stay in and enjoy Netflix on a Friday night.  It’s okay to ignore the world for some time, but the key is not to shut yourself off from the world for too long.

4. Be With Good People

Arlington matchmakers encourage you to spend time with quality friends and family members.  Try to have a good time together, share your feelings with them.  If they truly care about you, they will lend you an ear to listen and give you the support you need.  Getting those emotions out is an important phase of your healing process.

5. Work Out

Start working out if you’re not already.  Working out releases endorphins that will improve your mood and combat depression.  Plus, working out will improve your health, which is especially important not to neglect after a breakup.

6. Get Productive & Do Nice Things

Invest in yourself, tackle that project you’ve been neglecting for some time, take up a new hobby, or do some home repairs.  Take the much needed vacation you’ve been wanting to take, visit old friends, set goals and accomplish them one at a time.  By doing these things, you will regain trust in yourself, explains Arlington matchmakers.  You will feel proud for challenging yourself, you will keep your mind occupied from thinking about your past relationship, and you will learn to enjoy being single.


7. Don’t Go Back to Them Out of Loneliness

This one cannot be stressed enough.  Don’t go back to them out of mere loneliness or guilt (this applies if you were the one to call things off).  Going back with an ex out of fear of being alone is unhealthy and unfair to everyone, explains Arlington matchmakers.  Also, don’t allow your ex to guilt you into going back to them; after all, you’re not a bad person for leaving them if the relationship was not making you happy.

8. Remove Them from the Pedestal

When someone rejects us, we tend to overlook negative things about them; in fact, we idolize them, and in a way, we put them on a pedestal.  But the truth is, they are not perfect.  Your ex is human and they have flaws too.  Until you accept it, you will never be able to move on.

9. Stop Making Comparisons

Understand that no one in the world will ever be like your ex, and that’s okay.  Different doesn’t mean worse, it’s just different.  Searching for an identical twin of your ex will leave you frustrated and it will prevent you from discovering other qualities you never even knew you liked.  Don’t try to fit all your dates into a predefined box; instead, try to appreciate them for their uniqueness.


10. Know You’re Not Worthless

You are not less of a human because your ex decided to leave you.  Your value is not based on whether or not you’re in a relationship right now; your value is based on how you see yourself.  Some partners are only temporary, but they pave the way for the one that will last.

11. Let Go of Any Anger or Resentment

As hurtful as it might be to you, your ex is not a jerk or a crazy woman for seeing someone else.  And if they truly were a jerk or crazy, aren’t you better off without them?  Either way, they are not obligated to be in a relationship with you.  Don’t try to make them feel bad for calling things off and don’t resort trash talking about them.  Holding onto rage will only prevent you from healing, explains Arlington matchmakers.

12. Stop Overanalyzing What Went Wrong

Your relationship is done and over with.  You cannot fix what has passed, and beating yourself up is not going to do anything positive.  Instead, learn to accept the mistakes you made and promise not to make them in the future.

13. Give It Time

This the simplest, yet most important advice there is.  When you lose someone you loved, you’re not going to feel great overnight.  Be patient and follow this helpful guide from Arlington matchmakers to get through this tough time.  If you are able to do that, things will get better soon.

For dating and relationship advice from Arlington matchmakers, be sure to connect with Dallas and Fort Worth Singles on Facebook & Twitter!

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Fort Worth Matchmakers – How to Get a Man Interested in You

Dating and matchmaking service in Fort Worth, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles, reveal secrets to reeling him in!

Are you crushing on a man who seems to think you’re invisible?  Do you long for someone but they don’t know it yet?  Today, Fort Worth matchmakers from Dallas and Fort Worth Singles will review some simple ways to get a man who is not yet interested in you interested in you!

Many women have been in this position before: we long for someone that just isn’t noticing us.  It’s a horrible feeling when someone isn’t interested in you.  If you feel like you have nowhere to turn and you feel like he’s never going to let you into his life, don’t panic.  There are, of course, many things you can do when a man is not interested in you; the first is probably to move on since he’s not interested, but there are certain things you can do to tilt things in your favor.  Yes, you can get a man interested in you in no time.  Today, Fort Worth matchmakers will review those simple ways to help you land that attractive man who has your eye.


1. Be Casual about It

One thing that will scare most men away is when a woman comes on too strong.  Maybe you are too done up for him all the time or maybe you are too open, so much so that it has scared him away.  Nowadays, men notice everything, even the smallest of things.  If you want to be successful in catching his eye, then it’s a good idea to be casual about it.  Cool and casual is the approach you want to take with him.  Be cool and dress down a little; don’t overwhelm him all at once.

2. Talk to Him about Things He Likes

If there is one thing we know about men, it’s that they love themselves.  It’s true, they have huge egos.  One simple way you can get a man to notice you in no time is to talk about things he likes.  Give him a chance to talk about himself for a while and you’ll notice how, in no time, he’ll be interested in you.  For the first few conversations the two of you have, make it a point to be all ears, and then be sure to repeat some of the things he has told you previous times.  Engaging him in conversation that interests him will show him you’ve been paying attention and are interested in getting to know more about him and his hobbies and interests.

3. Show Him You’re Okay Being Friends

As you learn more and more about him, allow yourself to become his friend.  Wear laidback clothing around him, be casual and cool, and don’t put on too much makeup, at least not like you would to go out for a night on the town.  Of course you want to look like an attractive woman, so do whatever is necessary, but the idea is to be relaxed when you are in his company.  However, you must tread with caution here because you don’t want to fall into the guy zone.  Don’t do anything that makes him think of you as another guy friend, but don’t come on too strong around him either.


4. Flirt Subtly

Once you’re able to get into his world and you’re comfortable being friends with each other, it’s now time to do a little flirting.  Giggle when he tells you a joke, play with your hair, and casually touch his leg or arm when the two of you are talking.  Ladies, don’t do anything too flirtatious right now.  You want to save those secrets weapons for later; right now, you’re in the subtle stages of flirting.

5. Gradually Build Your Game Up

If you manage to subtly flirt with him and he doesn’t seem to mind, or even better, you’ve noticed he’s flirting back with you, then it’s now time to build your game up.  Now you can pull out those cute tops to show your beautiful curves, do your makeup a little more dramatic, show him that you’re more than just a friend, but don’t do it all at once.  Give him hints of how beautiful you can be and then go back to being casual.  He will notice that there are dynamic sides of you, which will make him more intrigued, explains Fort Worth matchmakers.

6. Show Him That Womanly Side of You

Now that you’ve been casual with him and he’s comfortable around you, it’s time to show him how much of a woman you can be.  Go wearing a nice dress or skirt to show him how beautiful and elegant you are.  It is important not to act as though you’ve dressed up especially for him or like you’re showing off.  Here is where the next step will tell you more.

date 1

7. Show Him That You’re Great with Someone Else

If you want a man to be interested in you, then you have to show him that other men want you.  In other words, make it known that he isn’t the only man who has his eyes on you, explains Fort Worth matchmakers.  If, by now, you have spent time getting to know him as a friend and are comfortable with each other, then when he notices other men checking you out, he’s going to lose his mind.  In fact, this will be the make or break it point.  Now, don’t get carried away here.  This doesn’t mean you need to date someone else, it just means let subtly him see other attractive men noticing you when you’re out.



8. Have a Busy Life

Since the two of you have become friends, you’ve probably spent a lot of time together, and that’s great news for you, but it’s important to give it a break from time to time and do the things you do in your own life, explains Fort Worth matchmakers.  Go out with him occasionally and act normal about it; make him wonder what you’re doing when you’re not with him.

9. Ask Him Out on a Date

Since you have started doing your own things, he’s probably going to ask you what you’ve been doing lately and wondering what you’re up to.  Now, here is where you tell him you’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to catch up with him but that you’d love to grab a cup of coffee together.  Give him a little notice to make sure you don’t come off as eager.  After your date, remain casual about it and let him do the chasing from here on out.

If you’re single and ready to meet quality men in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, contact Dallas Singles Dating Service today to set up an in person consultation with a personal matchmaker.  Let Dallas Singles find you the love you deserve!

North Dallas Matchmakers Reveal 9 Secrets to Finding True Love

Matchmaking service in Dallas, Dallas Singles Dating Service, reveals some important secrets you need to know if you want to find true love and happiness.

1st Secret: Have an Open-mind During Dating

It is easy to become delusional and close-minded each time a relationship comes to an end, when you’re in a dating rut, and when you’re conditioned to believe what love is supposed to be based on Hollywood movies and TV.  But North Dallas matchmakers want you to resist being closed off and having negative thoughts.  Keep an open-mind, only focus on the positive things, and be crystal clear on what you want and how you want to feel in a relationship.  Then you need to get rid of the behaviors and actions that are controlling you and preventing you from finding that dream relationship.

date 2

2nd Secret: Don’t Settle for Anything

If you tend to settle for anything less than you deserve, you will always be unhappy in a relationship, explains North Dallas matchmakers.  If you’re always settling, your desire for a loving relationship will never be accomplished.  In order to achieve that ideal relationship, don’t settle anymore.  Instead of staying in a mediocre relationship, get out of it and go for the one that makes you happy and bubbling inside and start creating the love life you desire.  You are more much powerful than you think, you just have to dig deep and believe.

3rd Secret: You Can’t Give the Things You Don’t Have

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else out there to love you?  When you don’t love yourself, you will be more judgmental about the qualities you wish you didn’t have, and because of this, you will reflect it onto your partner and become judgmental of them too, explains North Dallas matchmakers.  Don’t expect them to be loving of you if you’re not loving of them.  Work on loving yourself first; including all those little things you don’t like.

4th Secret: Silence Is Okay

The tendency many people have is to overanalyze every single little detail of what their love interest said and what went wrong.  This makes it impossible to embrace silence.  Instead of wondering and asking your friends and family what you should do, just relax and let your mind embrace the silence.  This will allow you to listen to that little voice inside of you, your intuition.  Your intuition is always right, so listen to it.

5th Secret: Let Go of Past History

Holding onto negative experiences from previous relationships will keep you stuck.  When you hold onto past baggage, you are not only hurting yourself, but the person whom you are dating.  North Dallas matchmakers want you to give yourself a brand new start, let go of past baggage, and make peace with the past.  When you’re able to do this, you can get rid of any unhealthy patterns.  Identify the patterns that keep coming up in all your relationships and the nip them from the start.

6th Secret: Have the Right Mind

Your mind is a very powerful tool, and believe it or not, the same problem that keeps coming up in different relationships will stem from limiting your thoughts and beliefs.  When you notice a pattern that came up in a previous relationship, try to solve it.  Your thoughts will determine how you feel, which will then determine your actions.  Your negative thoughts will have a huge impact on how you feel, so if you are always feeling bad about yourself you won’t get positive results.  In order to solve problems, you need to adopt a different type of mindset and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones, explains North Dallas matchmakers.   For instance, if you believe that there are no good partners out there, then you will continue to attract partners that are not good for you. You must believe is someone amazing out there for you.

date 5

7th Secret: Treat Yourself How You Like to Be Treated

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, casually dating, or are already involved in a relationship, act as if you’re already in a relationship.  Focus your thoughts and visualize and feel the way you want to be treated in a relationship, then treat others you go out with that very same way.  The more you see yourself in a loving relationship, the more you will aspire to be in one, which will put you in a positive state of mind.  Having that positive state of mind will make you want to achieve that relationship.

8th Secret: Value Your Dignity

You are perfect just the way you are.  That’s right, there is nothing wrong with you.  Instead of trying to be a duplicate of someone else, be unique, be authentic, and let people see the real you, quirks and all, because the right partner will find those quirks endearing.  It’s always best to be loved for who you are rather than someone you intend to be.  One important tip in the dating world is to let go of your ego if it’s getting in the way of making a connection.

9th Secret: Avoid Thoughts That Put You Down

You grew up with certain beliefs, and the way you think now is the way you were raised by your role models, which were probably your parents and all your childhood experiences.  Because you’re used to thinking a certain type of way, you probably don’t question all your unhealthy thoughts, but the more you identify with them, the more you believe they are true, and the more they become who you are as a person.  These types of unhealthy thoughts might be preventing you from seeing others perspectives.  Instead of letting an unhealthy thought control you, identify the ones that have a huge impact on your love life.

If you’re struggling to find loving partner and amazing relationship, revisit the above secrets to finding love.  Focus on what you want and forget the things you don’t, be aware of your own thoughts and actions, and be sure you are mainly focused on what you want rather than what you don’t.  These simple secrets are easy to follow and they will be of much help for landing the relationship you always dreamed of.  Believe that it’s already yours and soon enough, it will be yours.  Remember that what you wish for will always come your way; all you have to do is believe it and work for it.

If you’re tired of trying to find a happy and healthy relationship on your own, contact Dallas Singles Dating Service today and let them help you.  The matchmakers at Dallas Singles will be there to guide you, support you, and give you the encouragement you need to find the love you’ve always dreamed of.

Plano Matchmakers Reveal 5 Relationship Deal Breakers

Matchmaking service in Dallas, Dallas Singles Dating Service, reveals major deal breakers that will sabotage any relationship.

When you first start dating your partner, there are a few things you can recognize as red flags and look out for to help determine if they’re the right fit for you.  And while no one in the world is perfect, there are, however, a few characteristics and behaviors that can absolutely kill any relationship.

Below, you will find a list of the top deal breakers in relationships so you can decide if you want to put up with the man you’re dating or kick him to the curb and find someone who fits your dating criteria and lifestyle.

Contrary to what many people believe, these deal breakers don’t include things like, “He forgot to put the toilet seat down,” or, “He always leaves his towel on the floor.”  Instead, a true deal breaker is something that is non-negotiable, something that matters to a relationship, things such as:

date 1

1.  Not Being a Supportive Partner

If the man you are dating isn’t supportive of you, then Plano matchmakers suggest you really examine the relationship.  Did you decide to switch your career from being a secretary to now decorating houses because that’s your passion and you feel great doing it?  Then, good for you!

However, if your boyfriend got a good laugh out of it, passed funny comments, or put it down and ignored you, then he isn’t boyfriend material.  Does he always criticize all the projects you decide to embark on?  Did you ask him to help you get prepared for something, but he just brushed you off and told you he will help you another time?  If so, this man is a dud.

Part of being with someone is being able to support each other when it’s needed, explains Plano matchmakers.  If your man isn’t able to support your passions, your goals, your actions, or anything you want to do in your life, then it’s time to kick him curbside, out of your life where he belongs.

2. Not Being Committed

This can fall into two categories of relationships.  Either this man you’re seeing is someone you see often, but he’s not really your boyfriend or he’s your boyfriend but he’s not taking any steps into furthering the relationship together.  In the first scenario, he’s not really your boyfriend yet.  Yes, that’s true, he’s not your boyfriend at all.  If a man is getting all the girlfriend privileges from you, but he is not your boyfriend, then he is more likely going to keep that arrangement going forever.  If you brought up the issue and the man you’re seeing isn’t man enough to want to put a label to the relationship, then he doesn’t deserve to be your partner.  Or even worse, he might question your needs and desires and belittle your need for commitment.

If he does this and tries to make you believe that you are a little too needy, then you need to kick this man to the curb.

For the second scenario, if a man who is your boyfriend has been with you for many years and seems completely comfortable where the two of you stand, that can be fine and dandy.  But if he doesn’t show any sign or motivation of leading the relationship towards engagement and marriage, which is something you want, then it might be time to see where he stands on the subject and what he believes your future together holds.  If you haven’t had the conversation yet, then it might be time to do it.  If he tells you something along the lines of never wanting to get married or that marriage isn’t for him, it might be time to cut him loose, especially if you are a marriage-oriented person, explains Plano matchmakers.

date 5

3. He’s Already with Someone Else

Okay, ladies, you might not want to admit it, but this happens to many of you.  Some of you might justify dating a man who isn’t happy in the relationship (the one with another woman) because you think he is almost divorced or is going to leave her any day now.  Even if this feels like the best relationship you have ever had in your life, and even though some people carry baggage with them, you need to leave this man right now.  If the man you’re currently dating has a girlfriend or wife at home, you shouldn’t have gotten involved with him to begin with.  You should always wait until the relationship is over and final.  You should never get involved with someone who isn’t fully available for you, explains Plano matchmakers.  If you do, you’re putting yourself and his partner/wife in an awkward predicament and you both deserve better than that.

4. Clinginess

Does your partner want to spend all his free time with you?  Does he hate it when you make plans and he is not included in them?  You and your partner might think they truly love you, but in reality, they are becoming too clingy without either of you even knowing it.  If you feel like you can’t enjoy doing anything by yourself and you always have to be in your partner’s company, that’s a sign they are too clingy, and Plano matchmakers know clinginess can quickly destroy any relationship.  In a happy and healthy relationship, both of you need your own time and space.

date 3

5. Children

Do you want to have children but he doesn’t?  How about how he feels about raising a family?  How about both of your thoughts and opinions on parent styles?  All of these things are important questions that need to be answered before getting involved in something serious.  This is a very non-negotiable aspect of a relationship and it needs to be figured out before either of you put in time and efforts to something that isn’t going to last.

If you’re currently single and looking for a compatible, like-minded partner in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, contact the professional matchmaking team at Dallas Singles today and let them help you find the partner you deserve.  The dating professionals at Dallas Singles Dating Service will only introduce you to quality singles who have the same dating expectations as you.